WTF moments in AHS: Coven Episode 3

* Disclaimer: The following article will contain spoilers and contains mature content *

I am a huge fan of American Horror Story, they always have a perfect combination of creepy, weird, drama and comedy in one. But last night had me raising a few eyebrows throughout the show. Here are my top WTF moments from episode 3 - The Replacements, in no particular order.

1. Kyle Getting Reunited with His Mom:
Ok, so Kyle (Evan Petters) is brought back to life, which was already creepy and disturbing already since Madison and Zoe picked out his parts. But things get even more weird when Misty nurses him back to health and Zoe decides to take him to his mom's house. Things are going great, his mom is over joyed with happiness to see his return. THEN....we get to the shower and bed scene and things takes a turn I wasn't really expecting. In the shower scene, Kyle's mom barges into his shower and actually recognizes that his body is different, we know it's because Zoe and Madison stole his parts from the other boys. Later, we find his mom in his room and the next thing we know, she starts to molest him! Some fans say this scene was crossing the line, but then again when has American Horror Story played it safe? It pushes limits to get a reaction from us. 

2. Cordelia and Marie Laveau
In this episode we continue to see Cordelia's struggle to concieve and have a child. She then turns to Marie Laveau for help. Laveau tells her about the fertility spell and things got interesting to say the least. As we watch, we see that Cordelia would have to bring her man's "baby gravy" as Laveau describes it, and they would set it on fire as they kill a live goat on her. The goat's blood would then be dripped all over her body. The scene was rather strange since we see Cordelia lifting her dress to have the goat's blood spilled all over her naked body. 

3. Queenie and the Minotaur:
Okay, this scene was probably one of the stranger parts of the show. In the beginning of the episode we see Madison, Nan, Zoe, and Queenie talk about sex. We then find out Queenie is a virgin and she claims she's waiting for someone special. Well...this is what makes it strange to me. Lavaeu sends her minotaur to go get Lalaurie. Since Queenie is in charge of her, she decides to let Lalaurie run off and goes to distract him. We watch as Queenie runs to the green house, teasing the minotaur and bringing him inside as well. She then calms him down and talks to him about how he needs to be loved. She also tells him that they are similar, then starts to masturbate in front of him. My jaw literally dropped. She begs him that they should be together and that they are similar and we see that the minotaur takes the bait and Queenie and him have sex. I found this to be really shocking because I was not expecting beastilaity to appear in the show. While he used to be man, we can see that he is part bull. We see his nostrils moving and hooves for feet, so how human is he?

4. Madison and Fiona
In this episode we find out that Fiona has cancer. We also find out that the Supreme will start to die as the next descendent is gaining power. As Fiona is getting weaker, the descendent is getting stronger. Later in the episode we discover Madison has some powers she was unaware of. This makes Fiona (and us) wonder if she's the next Supreme. Later, we find ourselves watching a dynamic scene between Jessica Lange and Emma Roberts as they discuss Madison's powers. Fiona asks Madison to kill her since she is dying and it's all of Madison's fault. Madison refuses, and the next thing we know, Madison's throat is slit from Fiona's knife! Fiona's acts like it was an accident but later she just asks the butler to bury her and get rid of her. After the episode we see glimpses of the next episode and I'm not sure what to expect to see what's going to happen to Madison's body. 

Overall, I am still a really huge fan of American Horror Story. While some say the show is too much or they crossed the line, I think that's kind of the point of the series. To push the limits, make our jaws drop, but keep us addicted to watch more. On a lighter note, it was great seeing Nan interacting with the cute boy next door. I was really rooting for her and hoped she would end up with him! It was also hilarious to see Lalaurie cry about Obama being president! Overal I still love the series and can't wait to watch more. We're only on the 3rd episode and things are getting pretty interesting. What do you guys think will happen next?