Anna Schultz-Girl And Guy Playing Beer Pong

Why You Shouldn’t Date The Life Of The Party



Ever struggled with falling for the guy everyone knows? The guy who has a party animal reputation? The same guy who can out drink almost everyone around him? The kind of guy who has a crazy story for every night, yet he wakes up every morning without any recollection? These are the kinds of guys you need to run far away from as soon as you start to catch feelings.

So why is it so bad to fall for the life of the party? They’re fun, easy to get along with and universally likeable. For starters, if someone like this catches your eye, they are also catching everyone else’s eye. This universal likability may be tempting at first, but it will only result in a feeling of jealousy. Imagine trying to form a relationship out of toxic jealous feelings and a need to prove you deserve their attention. It will only make you feel like you aren’t enough. 

Let’s say you're not a jealous person. It isn’t difficult for you to cope with the idea that dating the life of the party comes with a lot of other girls. It still won’t be enough to keep a stable relationship. If a guy is still occupied by parties and booze, he is not at a place in his life where he would make a relationship a priority. 

His priority list goes as follows: frat, parties, drugs, food, school and then, if you are lucky, a relationship. Based on this, you didn’t even make the top five cut. It is unrealistic to maintain a healthy relationship with someone who puts parties and drugs over your relationship. 

If I haven’t convinced you to stay far away from the life of the party, it is a lesson you will eventually have to learn yourself. I can promise you, from personal experience, dating the life of the party is a mistake. If a guy can’t put you above a partying lifestyle he isn’t the right person right now. You deserve to be his priority.