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If you are anything like me, music can make your day go from zero to one hundred. Growing up, I had four older brothers, so I listened to the come-up of rappers like Lil Wayne, Drake, Nicki Minaj, and others. A favorite was Future or Mr. Pluto. If you listen to his discography, there are a wide variety of accounts that I believe anyone can relate to. I went through all of his albums and singles and picked my top sixty-four Future songs of all time… or until he releases new songs, and it changes. 

In this article, I will go through three of my favorite songs on the whole playlist and explain why. The playlist is available on both Spotify and Apple Music, but we can debate the better platform another day. I hope all Future listeners enjoy my playlist, and for new listeners I hope you have a new artist you can enjoy. 

Low Life

A big reason I love Low Life is because of The Weeknd’s features. This was the first song that the two artists collaborated on together. This is a great song to listen to with friends or by yourself, it was an anthem during the 2016 era. 

Krazy but True

This song came out in 2019. When Future released The Wizrd album, it was seen as a purge of his more vulgar thoughts and approaches. He came out with the album wanting to change his flow and the messages of his music. He believed his lyrics influenced inappropriate behaviors in teens; he had claimed he had forgotten the true meaning of love and that his music reflected that. It was a significant moment to see a major shift in his music and watching how successful his album was.


This song came out recently in April 2022. Hearing it for the first time was amazing. I really enjoyed the beat and the sound of Future’s vocals throughout the song. It is easily my top three Future songs, but you should really give the rest of the album a listen if you haven’t.

Hello my name is Jai-Li Powell! I am a mycophile who is currently studying Psychology and Horticulture at NCSU.