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Why Girls Watch the Super Bowl and Ten Reasons You Should too!

Who do you think will win Super Bowl XLV? Will it be the Green Bay Packers or will it be the Pittsburgh Steelers?  Will the green and gold prevail or will the black and gold take over?  Who will your cheer for?  Six girls were asked to answer questions like who are you going for in the super bowl? Why are you going for that team? Why do girls watch the super bowl?

The results were very one-sided.  Three out of six girls are going for the Green Bay Packers.  One girl is going for the Pittsburgh Steelers.  Two girls are not rooting for a particular team, but both were going to watch the super bowl anyway.  There were a wide number of opinions to the questions that were asked.

Majority of the girls asked wanted the Green Bay Packers to win. Courtney Simmons was going for the Green Bay Packers to win the big game.  She said that she was rooting for the Packers because she likes their team.  Liesel Hannes stated she was going for the Packers because she is a packers fan and her family members are members of the Packers faithful.  Liesel is also from Wisconsin where the Packers reign. Meredith said that she was a fan of the New England Patriots and she didn’t like either Green Bay or Pittsburgh, however, she favors the Packers over the Steelers since her team, the New England Patriots, was knocked out of the playoffs.  On the other side, Ally DeRome stated that she was also a New England Patriots fan, but she was going for the Steelers because she likes them better than the Packers.  Taylor Howell stated that she did not have a specific team to root for, but she was going to watch anyway.  Stefany Costello stated that she wasn’t going for either Green Bay or Pittsburgh and that she was going to watch the super bowl even if she doesn’t have a particular team to root.

Why do girls watch the super bowl?  These six girls stated their opinions on why girls and women watch the super bowl.  Taylor Howell believes that “girls watch the super bowl because they like watching football games or they think some guys will like them more if they watch football and know about football.”  Courtney Simmons stated that “girls watch the super bowl because the super bowl is a social thing.  Some girls watch because their guy friends are also watching the super bowl. Some girls watch the super bowl to learn about football such as what a safety is and other facts about playing football.”  Meredith shared some of the opinions of Courtney Simmons and Taylor Howell.  Meredith believes that some “girls watch the super bowl because they are interested in football. Some girls watch the super bowl because they think guys will like them more.”

Liesel Hannes believes that “girls enjoy the game of football and that is why they watch. Also, football is America’s pastime. People say baseball is America’s pastime. No, that is not true. Football is America’s pastime.”  Stefany Costello stated her love for the game of football as the reason that she would watch the super bowl.  Stefany said “I’m going to watch it because I’m a football fan. I’m not sure why other girls watch it. I know I watch it because I love football.  Ally DeRome says that girls watch the super bowl because they like football and no other reason is required to watch the super bowl other than the love of the game.  Ally stated that “girls watch the super bowl for the same reasons that guys watch the super bowl (because girls like to watch the super bowl).”

Football fans everywhere will watch the super bowl whether they are female or male.  All football fans should enjoy the super bowl even if their favorite team is not playing.  We all watch football for different reasons.  Some people watch the super bowl to learn about the game of football or to impress others, some of us watch because our friends watch, and some watch because they love the game of football.  

Ten Reasons that all football fans should watch and enjoy the super bowl this Sunday!
1. The commercials! – Watch and find your favorite new hilarious ads!
2. The parties! – Go out with your friends!
3. The food and drinks! – Indulge in the chips, dips and sips!
4. Last chance to wear a football jersey until fall!
5. The entertainment! – The pregame and halftime shows are awesome!
6. Get brownie points! – Like some of these girls said, it’s rare to see a girl watch, enjoy and understand a football game!
7. The Rivalry! – Make bets with friends, choose a team and battle it out! That’s half the fun!
8. Don’t live under a rock! – The whole nation will be watching the big game! Don’t be left out!
9. The You-Tube sensations! Watch all of the crazy music videos that fans make…best time of the year!
10. The after parties! – SOMEONE has to win and you know fans will be throwing awesome after parties and ranting about the best plays of the game! 

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