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Which American Girl Doll Are You? Take This Quiz To Find Out!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at NCSU chapter.

More than just dolls, American Girl has been creating dreams for young girls across the world since 1986. Each doll represents a different era in American history, from colonial times to modern day. The experiences and personalities of these dolls allow young girls to learn about strength, kindness, friendship and how to use their imagination. With over 30 dolls, American Girl has represented every walk of life in the stories they have created. Have you ever wondered which doll is best suited for you? This personality quiz will help determine who your best companion will be! Add up your total score at the end of the quiz o get your results. 

You get a free ticket to any destination, where are you going? 

Swiss Alps + 60

New York City + 70

California + 50 

London + 10 

Salt Lake City + 30 

Australia + 20

Costa Rica + 40 

What describes you best? 

Passionate + 70

Peaceful + 40

Spirited + 50

Curious + 60

Friendly + 10

Bright + 20

Original + 30

Where can you be found in a social setting? 

Exploring your new surroundings + 60

Dancing around + 50

Talking to your close friends + 10

Meeting new people + 20

Keeping to yourself with a book + 40

Hosting the event + 30

Being the life of the party + 70

What is your go to karaoke song? 

“All Star” by Smash Mouth + 20 

“Dancing Queen” by Abba + 50

“All Too Well” by Taylor Swift + 10

“Brutal” by Olivia Rodrigo + 30

“Take Me to Church” by Hozier + 40

“Don’t Rain on My Parade” by Barbra Streisand + 70

“Tiny Dancer” by Elton John + 60

What unique flavor of ice cream best represents you?

Matcha latte + 40

Lavender honey + 50

Pumpkin pie + 30

Lemon meringue + 20

Cinnamon roll + 10

Caramel coffee + 70

Tahitian vanilla + 60

Which famous person would you write a biography about? 

Princess Diana + 40

Taylor Swift + 60

Stevie Nicks + 50

Greta Thunberg + 20

Whitney Houston + 70

Emily Dickinson + 10

Hillary Clinton + 30

Which fictional world would you like to spend a day in? 

Hogwarts + 30

Neverland + 10

Oz + 70

Wonderland + 40 

Narnia + 60

Middle-earth + 20

Atlantis + 50

Which app do you spend most of your time on?

X + 20

Instagram + 30

NYT games + 60

Pinterest + 40

TikTok + 50

Youtube + 70

Facebook + 10

What is a skill you have or wish you had? 

Playing an instrument + 10

Dancing + 30

Painting and pottery + 50

Writing + 20

Gardening + 40

Singing + 70

Athletic + 60

If you were a color, what color would you be? 

A soft green + 40

A deep red + 10

A lively purple + 20

A dazzling blue + 70

A light pink + 60

A vibrant yellow + 50

A simple white + 30

Samantha Parkington 100-150

Samantha Parkington is an American Girl doll from the Progressive Era in America. While living with her distant family members in New York City, Samantha uses her imagination and artistic spirit to cultivate her world. If you are like Samantha, you are kind-hearted and generous towards your friends. Life may not always be easy on you, but you do not let it take away your goodness. You are more introverted, enjoying reading and writing in your spare time, but you also value your close relationships. The people around you often point out your special gift-giving ability, painting you as a loyal and intentional friend. 

Kit Kittredge 151-200

Kit Kittredge is one of the spunkier, more unique American Girl dolls. She does not fall under the same graceful and girly category as the majority of the other dolls. Kit is a tomboy at heart, easily entertained by sports and the outdoors. If you identify with Kit, you are often described as adventurous and bold. You do not always feel like you fit in with the people around you, but you do not mind being different. You are passionate about your dreams, and you work hard to make them your reality. In true Kit fashion, you are often curious about the world around you and seek to find answers to your inquisitions. 

Molly McIntire 201-250

As one of the historical American Girl dolls, Molly McIntire represents the World War II era in America. She is often described as a leader and a daydreamer. She makes plans for her friends to follow and likes to be original. If you are similar to Molly, you are spirited and lively in group settings, especially in spaces where you can perform. You may be into artistic expression such as dance or music. Sometimes your scheming nature puts you in tough positions, but you can work your way out of them accordingly. 

Melody Ellison 251-300

Melody Ellison’s story takes place in 1960s America, where she lives with her music-making family. She is calm-natured and enjoys spending time tending to her garden. If you find yourself most at peace while connected with nature, you are similar to Melody. You are caring to your core and cultivate healthy relationships with the people around you. You may have an ear for music, even if you find yourself shy at times. You are not one to take the lead, but you enjoy following others as long as they are doing the right thing. 

Julie Albright 301-350

Julie Albright is the vibrant, fun-loving American Girl doll from the 1970’s. She is strong-willed, groovy, and upbeat. Julie is passionate about helping the environment and playing baseball. If you are like Julie, you are creative and like to keep your life filled with fun. Whether it is roller-skating on the weekends or listening to music after school, you are always finding your spark. You are enthusiastic, and you like to be involved in as many activities as possible. You may be described as the life of the party among your friends. 

Kirsten Larson 351-400

Kirsten Larson is a Swedish girl who immigrated to America with her family in the 19th century. Her pioneering spirit makes her determined and helpful as her family makes the move to America. Someone she acts without thinking, but she always has the best intentions. Someone similar to Kirsten may find themselves exploring the different things life has to offer. You are very curious about your surroundings. You are a daydreamer and an inventor. Above all of this, you are always putting in effort and working hard to help the people around you. 

Kavi Sharma 401-450

Kavi Sharma is the star-studded American Girl of the Year for 2023. She has a big personality and enjoys being put in the spotlight. She has many talents including singing, dancing and songwriting. If you are most like Kavi, you have big dreams and are passionate about your various interests. You are the performer of your circle, always looking to entertain others and keep the energy up. Despite your big personality, you remain calm and focused on your pursuits. You are very in tune with your emotions and you are good at translating them throu

STYLISTS: Cameron Crews and Ava Stewart


MODELS: Isa Verna, Wynn Ireland, Kelsey Griswold, Nya Cox, Riley Hall, Reagan Carson, and Ushma Pathak

LOCATION: NC State Crafts Studio

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