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Some of you may be clueless as to what your moon sign is, and that’s okay. In mainstream astrology the sun sign is usually the only sign discussed, which is maybe why you don’t relate to any of your horoscopes that you read online. When you are born, the sun and the moon are in certain positions, which affect your personality and the way you behave. Your moon sign rules your emotions and your inner self. If you do not know your moon sign and wish to find out you can use this website to find out: https://astrolibrary.org/moon-sign-calculator/

Aries Moon

If your moon is in the fire sign Aries, you may rush into new relationships, or develop feelings fast. Aries are head strong and want instant satisfaction, so they do not waste time. Grudges are hard for an Aries moon to keep, which makes them good friends, as they quickly forgive. If they are not satisfied, Aries moons can move on in a flash, so they need a lot of attention and emotional stimulation. It can be hard for them to express their emotions, as it will only waste their time and block their potential happiness. Aries moons love to have fun and focus on the positive aspects of situations, rather than the negative.

Taurus Moon

Tauruses are known for being stubborn, so it comes as no surprise that Taurus moons want stability and consistency, and are stubborn when it comes to love. Taurus moons have high emotional intelligence, meaning they are the ‘rock’ in the relationship, always being able to be depended upon by the ones they love. Possessiveness may be a problem for Taurus moons, as they tend to think of their relationships in terms of investments. A Taurus moon may find themselves weighing relationship opportunities based on how much energy it will consume. If a connection takes too much effort, they may get tired and move on to the next. You may also find that Taurus moons may only have a small number of interests, but those interests are valuable to them and take up much of their attention.

Gemini Moon

People with a moon in Gemini love to talk! When they have a crush they tend to be quiet at first, but then non-stop chatty around them. Making decisions can be hard for a Gemini moon because they are able to see the pros and cons of any situation. Gemini moons have a tendency to label their emotions rather than actually feeling them and dealing with them. A problem for the Gemini moons comes from building up emotions that can eventually result in periods of depression and negative behaviors. Gemini moons hate being alone, but still want a sense of independence. Those with a moon in Gemini also love to have meaningful conversations and can chat with friends for hours on end, making them great friends to have near to listen to your problems.

Cancer Moon

People with Cancer moons are known for being emotional, but that comes as no surprise. Sensitivity runs high for Cancer moons, as they have an urge to help everyone around them, sometimes taking on too much. Cancer moons have a strong sense of femininity and are nurturing parents. Comfort is a top priority for a Cancer moon. They love to stay home, they love alone time, and they especially love comfort food. The Cancer moons are the ones who binge-watch sad rom-coms and eat a tub of ice cream after a breakup. Don’t expect a cancer moon to deal with their emotions publically, they are best left alone when in times of healing. They don’t need much, but Cancer moons always appreciate being included and given attention.

Leo Moon

Leo moons love attention and are known for their compassion. When they find someone or something they love, they go all in. When a Leo moon shows emotion, it’s to the extreme; when they’re happy, they laugh until their stomach hurts, or when they’re sad, they listen to their saddest playlist to fuel their sadness. They are extremely loyal, always sticking by their friends and romantic partners. Leo moons tend to channel their energy into art forms such as writing or music because they have so much passion in them. You may also notice that Leo moons tend to mirror the tendencies of their friends or partners, for example, they’ll start to laugh or speak like their friends.

Virgo Moon

The Virgo moons analyze everything and are one of the most curious of the signs. They are the friends you seek to give advice because they have a pearl of unfound wisdom. Virgo moons have a tendency to be highly critical and judgemental, but they are harder on themselves than others. They love clean spaces, mess and clutter give Virgo moons a feeling of anxiety. Cleaning is a way for Virgo moons to de-stress. Virgo moons set high standards, so it can be hard for them to deem anyone worthy of dating. Along with high standards, Virgo moons can be on guard when it comes to revealing their feelings, making relationships a struggle. 

Libra Moon

Libra moons are always weighing their options, trying to find balance. They hate rushing into things, and making quick decisions gives them anxiety. Libra moons typically have good relationships since they love romance. When they get into relationships though, Libra moons tend to forget about the other parts of their life, focusing less on work, school, and other friends. Justice is extremely important for Libra moons. They hate seeing people being treated unfairly, and they tend to take issues of injustice very personally. Libra moons always feel inclined to be the peacekeeper when their friends are in arguments. You may also find that Libra moons love to treat themselves when they’re down with retail therapy.

Scorpio Moon

People with Scorpio moons are mysterious and hard for other people to understand. They take interest in things that are meaningful to them and lose interest in anything that is superficial. Scorpio moons are extremely loyal and keep secrets well, making them desirable friends. They have an amazing ability to recover from hardships quickly, and they take each one as a lesson. Sharing deep emotions is not something a Scorpio moon can do easily, as they lack trust in most people. One of the most important aspects of a relationship for a Scorpio moon is sex compatibility. You may notice that they tend to go into periods of on and off desires for intimacy, but when they’re in the mood, they are full of passion.

Sagittarius Moon

People with Sagittarius moons are honest and to the point. They speak very bluntly, but can’t help their honesty sometimes. At times they tend to blurt out information or leak things that were meant to be kept secret, but they have to let everything out. Sagittarius moons have strong opinions on many different matters and love to have conversations exploring those topics. There is no room for narrowmindedness for a Sagittarius moon, and they also have a built-in lie detector. Independence is extremely important for someone with a Sagittarius moon because they feel most safe when they have the ability to make their own decisions. They may feel trapped or tied down in relationships, so they need a lot of space from partners. A Sagittarius moon is always down for a party or anything that gives them a feeling of excitement.

Capricorn Moon

Capricorn moons are known for hiding their emotions from others so that they come across as strong and even cold. People with their moon in Capricorn tend to not get involved in relationships that they think will not last or be meaningful. Anyone dating a Capricorn moon needs to pass a checklist, with important things like financial stability and moral values. They also tend to bottle up their feelings, which can result in periods of anxiety or depression. Capricorn moons can take charge of any situation, being strong leaders in their work environment. Perfectionism can be an obstacle in fully enjoying their work and accomplishments. You may notice that Capricorn moons will become very cold and reserved when in situations of discomfort or unease.

Aquarius Moon

People with Aquarius moons typically think of themselves as emotionless, and can’t understand people who are overly sensitive. They are able to take on many viewpoints in times of controversy. Most of the time, Aquarius moons think with their head, rather than their heart. You may think that Aquarius moons are a little odd, but they just enjoy unique, and extravagant experiences. Their romantic relationships may seem anything but conventional. Aquarius moons hate feeling trapped in a relationship because they need to have a sense of freedom when it comes to love, as they can get curious often. Aquarius moons also need their partners to be close with their friends, or be in similar social communities. You may notice that Aquarius moons are quirky and are always coming up with weird, innovative ideas.


Pisces Moon

Pisces moons are really emotional people with a strong sense of empathy for others. They have a soothing demeanor, which draws people toward them to share their secrets and problems. Pisces moons are not quick to judge, and they understand that people have their flaws. They tend to match the emotions of others surrounding them, making their feelings very liquid and constantly changing. Being able to say no is hard for a Pisces moon, as they feel the need to help everyone. They may find themselves in toxic situations with destructive people because they think they genuinely want to be a saving grace. Pisces moons are very creative and need an outlet to express all of their emotions. All that a Pisces moon wants is for a support system that puts in as much love as they do into the world.

Abby Walsh is a sophomore at NC State University majoring in Psychology and minoring in Nutrition. She loves all things health and exercise related and has a passion for mental health. She is a proud Leo woman, with a love for Astrology. She is so happy to have the opportunity to use Her Campus as an outlet to empower other women through her writing!
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