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Valentine’s Day: Thanksgiving but With Red Hearts and Dark Chocolate

What does Valentine’s Day mean for you? Is it the saddest day of the year, or the most romantic? In my opinion it shouldn’t be either. Valentine’s Day is a holiday about Love, but it can be a lot more than that.

To me, Valentine’s Day is where I take step back and realize how lucky I am. It’s more like Thanksgiving with love and maybe more chocolate and less turkey. It’s a day that I can feel thankful for my family and friends. I want to use the day to show them how much they mean to me. I like to do things for my friends and family that I know they will really enjoy such as, buying them their favorite chocolate. Valentine’s Day should be a day where you can take a break from your busy lives and really appreciate the people around you.

So, How do you make Valentine’s Day better and less depressing?

First, you need to remember that Valentine’s Day doesn’t have rules and restrictions of how it needs to be spent. You can spend Valentine’s Day however you want, with whomever you want. Why not make it an enjoyable and positive day? Want to go out drinking or dancing with all your friends? Go for it! Do you want to spend the day with family at the beach? That’s totally fine, if we had the day off… Valentine’s Day ought to be spent doing something you really love and enjoy. If you want to spend it completely alone, doing your own thing, then you should.

On the other hand, feeling that Valentine’s Day is the only romantic day of the year could also be a problem. There are 364 other days where it is just as important to tell the people you love, that you love them. If my boyfriend, or anyone that I care about sent me flowers or wrote me a love letter, on a random day, I would be happily surprised. It should be a day where you don’t feel obligated to
bring home flowers, or plan a romantic meal just because your calendar says you should. Everyone knows that on Valentine’s Day you should be thinking about your significant other, but what about every other day? Don’t you want to tell, or show, the people you love that you love them? I’m not saying that in our busy lives it’s a bad thing to use Valentine’s Day to really connect with others, but taking the time as often as possible to really show the people you love how you feel can be valuable to your relationship.
Remember, Valentine’s Day is all about you. How you want to spend the day is completely your decision. Do something that will make you happy, relaxed and smiling.
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