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Top Seven Christmas Presents To Ask For:

  1. Haircare 

Hair health is super important, especially in the wintertime. There are plenty of new products that help hair grow, become healthier, and style it the perfect way. 
Below are a few different ideas to put on your list! 
Dyson Airwrap
Revlon Hair Dryer

  1. Warm & Stylish Coat 

Staying warm in the winter is a must! However, nobody wants to wear the same bulky coat all season long. There are plenty of options that both keep you warm but also are stylish and affordable that allow you to switch it up as much as you would like. 
Below are a few choices!
Alo Sherpa Jacket
Lulus Faux Fur Coat 
Lattelier Puffer
Missguided Puffer
Silver Puffer

  1. Cute/Comfortable Sneakers:

Being comfortable has become almost as important than style recently. There are plenty of ways that sneakers can look cute but be functional at the same time! There are plenty of sneaker choices that both do the job however, can elevate an outfit!
Linking sneaker options below!
Forum Adidas Sneakers 
Golden Goose
Reebok Sneakers

  1. Matching Set / Loungewear

Comfort is key especially since the Pandemic. As things have become virtual, people are looking to be comfortable. Elevated loungewear is the perfect way to stay both stylish while also staying comfortable!
Cashmere Set
Ribbed Set
Waffle Lounge Pants
Skims Loungewear

  1. Coffee Table Books

Nothing makes a space like a good coffee table book. From fashion, celebrities, and landmarks, there is a coffee table book for almost anything you can think of. And, it makes the best decor!
Linking some of my favorites below!
Capri Dolce Vita
Prada Book
Tom Ford Book
Architectural Digest Book
Beaches Book

6. Phone Cases
Phone vases are super fun especially since they are so easy to switch out! They make the perfect accessory!
Linking some below!
Custom Name Case
Bright Color Case
Funky Pattern Case
Puffer Case
Mirror Phone Case

7. Candles
Candles are the best for any space! They create an amazing ambience, make the room smell delightful, and even add a cute accessory to a space! Almost any scent exists so everyone can pick the right one for them! 
Linking my favorites below!
Capri Blue
Homesick Candle
Crushed Candy Cane Voluspa
Holiday Classic
Baltic Amber 

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