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The first day of fall (Sept. 23) has officially passed, so I am here to give you an inside scoop on some of my favorite shows to binge watch this time of year :)

1. “Gilmore Girls”

Are we surprised? What better way to get in the fall vibes than to enter the world of Stars Hollow. I personally adore this show (specifically seasons one to four) and have an almost annual re-watch around this time of year. It is such a feel-good story line and you’ll find yourself rooting for/loving and despising characters at different points throughout the show. It follows the Gilmore family (specifically Rory throughout her teenage/adolescent years) as they navigate their differing lifestyles and family/friendships. Join this feel-good small town drama on Netflix or Apple TV!

2. “The Vampire Diaries”(TVD)

Another classic! The spooky drama between the three pictured above is honestly enough of a reason to binge this show. Aside from this love triangle, TVD navigates so many genuinely interesting storylines between characters (both original and added) throughout the seasons that makes it easy to binge watch. Another small town, Mystic Falls, is one that I frankly don’t know if I obsessively want to be a part of or want to avoid at all costs. If you love a good supernatural-filled drama, this show is definitely for you (as well as the spinoff “The Originals”). Sadly, Netflix has taken this show off but you can still stream it on Peacock, Apple TV or MAX, as well as buy it from Amazon Prime.

3. “Freaks and Geeks”

When I tell you it is a crime this show only got one season, it’s been decades and I’m still upset about it. This show was shown to me by my brothers (both drummers, which is what drew me to the above picture) and I have re-watched the one season we were given many times just for a solid chuckle and good show. It’s an easy one to watch in one night and you wouldn’t regret it.

More of the cast:

Available to stream on Hulu, Paramount Plus, Pluto TV and Amazon Prime :)

4. “Twin Peaks

This show has been on my radar for a while now, and I finally started watching it this fall! I love it so far and highly recommend this spooky mystery fix for this fall show season–let’s binge this one together! Available to stream on Paramount Plus and YouTube TV, available to buy on Amazon Prime and Apple TV.

5. “Anne with an ‘E’

I cannot rave enough about this show, I often start my re-watches around mid-November and let it run into winter because it gives both vibes. “Anne with an ‘E’ ” has been my comfort show since I watched the first season in three days with my mom during a snow storm. It is one that will make you both laugh and cry, beautifully telling the coming of age story of Anne. This show is placed in Canada and has absolutely beautiful scenery surrounding it which is one of my other favorite things about it. Please give it a chance; it is so amazing and it’s my favorite show ever. The depiction of imagination, creativity and just being a young girl with a beautiful mind is so warming to the heart. If you have Netflix, this is one original extremely worth watching.


For a spooky/Halloween vibe, I recommend “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” (Netflix Originals) as well as the “Haunting of Hill House” and the “Haunting of Bly Manor” (also Netflix Originals). I also highly recommend “Criminal Minds” to binge watch any time of the year. There are so many more I could list, but these are my favorites.

For cartoon lovers, I highly recommend “Gravity Falls” (a classic–I adore it and it is available to stream on Hulu and Disney Plus), “Adventure Time” (available on Cartoon Network, Hulu, MAX) and “Over the Garden Wall” (only available to buy on Amazon Prime) for your fall fix.

Amanda is a current sophomore at NC State and writer for their Her Campus chapter. This is her first year in Her Campus and she is super excited to gain more experience writing in a blog-style format! Being a student at NC State, Amanda is double majoring in English with a Concentration in Secondary Education and Religious Studies with a minor in Women & Gender Studies. She is part of the Honors & Scholars program here at State and through that became a part of Creative Writing Crew last semester as a way to be held accountable with writing regularly. Throughout CWC, she really dived deep into writing poetry and short-narratives. This helped to grow her love for writing and interest to begin writing more blog-style articles. This semester she is also part of the Feminist Writing Group through the Women's Center and hopes to have time to join the English club! She is passionate about all things literature and education as well as all kinds of music and movies/shows. She plans on studying abroad both this summer and Spring 2025 semester and is excited to share her experiences through Her Campus. Aside from writing, Amanda adores going to concerts (current favorites seen live being Paramore, Taylor Swift, and Elton John). When she isn't reading in a coffee shop she spends her time binge watching TV-shows (such as Gilmore Girls, The Vampire Diaries, Glee, and One Tree Hill), hanging out with friends, listening to music, or just hanging with her cat. Some other current favorites include the movie The Blues Brothers and book Looking For Alaska by John Green. She is also currently a part of Every Nation Campus, an on-campus ministry that meets various days throughout the week. Post-graduation, she hopes to expand her teaching career to teaching ESL abroad and exploring the world while researching different religions effect on society and it's connection to different cultures gender norms and expectations! :))