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To everyone who is attending college with no close friends: Here’s what you do

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at NCSU chapter.

Perhaps some of y’all were really excited when you got into your dream school, but the anxiousness soon kicks in when you realize none of your friends would be attending your college. That was me in my senior year of high school, as I am the only person in my graduating class going to college in the United States. I was glad that I got into the school I liked, but I was so nervous about adjusting to a new environment alone and the social aspect in general. Now that I’ve been in college for a few months, I kind of have a good grasp on how to develop a social life from scratch. I will be sharing a few tips on what I think is the best way to meet people based on my experience.

#1: Join programs that are held before the start of the semester 

This is probably the most useful tip for people that do not know anyone in their new college, because it helped me out A LOT. My college had programs that were held right before the start of the semester, and I joined one called the Symposium for Multicultural Scholars. This program allowed participants to move in early, and there would be a series of activities for participants to join before regular move-in day. Although the people I met there are not my closest friends now, the program gave me a head start in developing my social circle before the start of the semester and the opportunity to meet people from different backgrounds. I highly recommend y’all to join similar programs held by your college if there is one, everyone is longing to meet new people and having a group of people to spend the first few weeks of college with will make your college experience more fulfilling.

I met so many people through this program, and this was before move-in day.

#2: Be really involved in a couple of clubs/student orgs, meet the members and the people on board

I feel like this has been said a lot but I have to talk about it again. I remember feeling scared to join a club event for the first time alone during the first week. But I went anyway, and met 2 friends immediately. Most of the bigger clubs have events regularly, and I tried my best to attend all of them. This led me to meet many other active members on board and even some of the board members, they introduced me to parties and all sorts of activities. I am really thankful to be involved in a community and had so much fun with them. I personally recommend going to more events held by different clubs at the start of the semester to get a glimpse of what each has to offer, after that choose a couple of clubs that you really like and go to those regularly. Some clubs may also look for freshman representatives, which I think is a great opportunity to know more about a club in-depth and help out the board members with their work.

I joined VSA and signed up to be an intern. SO MUCH FUN!!

#3: Keep in contact with whoever you think you ‘click’ with

This may sound general but this is also the key to building up friendships. I’ve heard a good amount of people saying that people you meet from orientation will not last. I thought so too until I met my roommate for orientation. I spent most of the day with her and her friend from high school and we all got along really well. I reached out to them at the start of the semester and we remained friends to this day, and we will be rooming together next year! You can meet anyone anywhere in college, whether from classes, events, or even the dining hall. People come and go all the time, what matters is how you keep it going. Don’t be afraid to reach out because everyone else is just as nervous as you are.

Each person has a unique story to tell, and the tips I listed above are solely based on my own experience. College is a place to discover your interests and there’s unlimited possibilities when it comes to your social life. It may seem daunting at first but once you get used to it you will hopefully enjoy your time there with the new friends you just met. Good luck!

Julia Hung is a member of Her Campus at NC State. She is responsible for publishing articles about her interests and thoughts. This is her first year on Her Campus. Julia was born and raised in Hong Kong for 17 years before moving to North Carolina for college. She graduated high school in a local school in Hong Kong. Although her first language is Cantonese, she was involved in her school's English community, such as being the president of the English Club and participated in a couple of English debate competitions, which led her to be a proficient English speaker. Aside from that, she is also interested in business. She participated in a hackathon during summer break where she created a business model with her teammates. She is a freshman at NC State University intending to major in Accounting. She hopes to become a licensed accountant in the future. Julia likes being in nature, playing the piano, shopping, and being with friends in her free time. She likes listening to Cantopop and Kpop and her favorite Kpop group is Red Velvet. She is not really an active person but she is currently trying to pick up sports such as jump rope. She also loves Disney cartoons. A few of her comfort movies include Your Name, Howl's Moving Castle, and Peter Pan.