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Aziaha James is a sophomore on the NCSU Women’s Basketball team, wearing jersey number 10. But even though she is only a sophomore, every time she stepped foot on the court she showed why she deserved to be there. James, in my opinion at least, is an all-round player. Whether it’s on defense or offense, she is aggressive and always fights for the ball. On offense she primarily plays point guard, showing off her ball-handling skills along with her shooting ability. In the paint, James is nearly unstoppable but also has high-quality long-distance shooting as well. James has always been a solid player during her time on the court, but this season she has been nothing short of fantastic. She got her first career start at an away game against Virginia Tech on February 19th, racking up 20 points and making five out of five free throws. Unfortunately, the team lost that game, but that doesn’t take away from James’ great performance. Aside from the VT game, James has been showing off her skills all season. As I am writing this, before the ACC tournament, she has a season total of 32 steals, 8 blocks, 61 assists, and 76 rebounds, just to name a few of her stats.

But basketball isn’t just about statistics, as I am sure everyone is aware. From being at the games I have seen James’ relationships with her teammates, and I can safely say that she is a mood-maker. After a good play, whether or not she was involved in it directly, she will always hype up the crowd and her fellow teammates. At the beginning of games when the starting lineup is introduced, one player who isn’t starting normally stands out from the bench and greets the starters as they come onto the court. When James wasn’t starting you would probably find her taking that role, greeting the starters with a huge smile and a different handshake for each player. You can tell that the team has a great atmosphere, and all 9 of them are more than just teammates. Specifically, it seems like she has a great relationship with #22 Saniya Rivers, another star sophomore on the team. The two look like they get along extremely well, both on and off the court.

From game stats to energy boosting, Aziaha James is for sure a player to watch out for. Since James is only a sophomore she still has a few more seasons to play with the women’s basketball team, and I can’t wait to see how much higher she can rise. So keep your eye on #10, because I know I will be.

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