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The Red Nails TikTok Trend: The New Confidence Booster!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at NCSU chapter.

TikTok has always blown me away with its trends, but this time the red nails caught my attention! As someone who spends many hours scrolling through TikTok, I can confidently say that this one has caught the eye of many users.

Influencers and creators have been showcasing their unique red manicures while sharing their theories about the new confidence boost and new attention they are experiencing.


This all began when Robyn Delmonte, @girlbosstown, revealed that every time she showed off her scarlet nails, she received numerous compliments from the opposite sex!

Why red? Well, red has a long history of being an eye-catching color. Its bold yet passionate nature has a certain allure that’s hard to resist. Whether it’s the boldness of a cherry red or deep maroon, red nails can make a statement like no other.


So try out this theory for yourself! When it’s time for a fresh new set of nails, or you’re looking to switch things up for the fall. Whatever your style, experimenting with red nails is a fun and fashionable way to explore this TikTok trend.

Ushma Pathak is a new writer at Her Campus at NC State. She is excited to be writing new intriguing and cheerful content for her chapter. This is her first year on Her Campus and she is eager to start! Other than being a writer, Ushma is a first-year Graphic Design and Experience major and film studies minor! Ushma is very passionate about sustainable fashion and spent the summer sewing and up-cycling clothes! Ushma greatly enjoys traveling and experiencing new places and people. This summer Ushma traveled to Greece, Switzerland, Sweden, and Denmark! After graduation, she hopes to land a career in the film industry. Ushma is very passionate about visual effects, video editing, and CGI. Ushma was born and raised in Cary, NC, with her older sister. She spends most her free time, watching movies, listening to music, reading psychological thrillers, hanging out with friends, and traveling. Ushma's favorite TV shows currently are Normal People, One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl, and Bridgerton.