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The Most Attractive Zodiac Signs

The opinions expressed in this article are the writer’s own and do not reflect the views of Her Campus.
This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at NCSU chapter.

Not everyone believes in astrology, which I can respect, but you have probably noticed trends in the people you consider attractive. In my experience, the people I find attractive fall into certain zodiac groups. 

These are my personal favorite signs and if you ever see these on a dating app, you should think twice before swiping left. 

  1. Sagittarius: November 22 – December 21

Of course, I had to put my own at the top of my list. Sagittarius signs are considered insanely reliable and loyal. We may be a bit impulsive at times but who doesn’t like a little spontaneity? Plus, if it doesn’t work out with one of us as a partner, we do make great friends!

  1. Aquarius: January 20 – February 18

I may be a little biased with this one because most of my favorite people are in this group! They rarely seek out fights or confrontations, making them great communicators in relationships and friendships. They are also some of the most unique people you will ever meet because they do not care what others think. 

  1. Virgo: August 23 – September 22

Virgos are some of the most passionate people you will ever meet. They have a great sense of humor and are super friendly. Plus, I have found the Virgos I’ve known are usually the mothers/fathers of their friend groups, meaning that they are typically responsible enough to take care of you. 

  1. Capricorn: December 22 – January 19

The most hilarious people are typically Capricorns. They are always able to make me laugh until I’m crying! Plus, they can be super ambitious and are great hosts since they are typically polite. At the same time, if they need to be serious then they can do both! There is a great balance in the personality of a Capricorn.

Savannah Jenkins is a writer for Her Campus at NC State University. She is responsible for writing articles monthly to be reviewed and published. This is her first year on Her Campus. Outside of Her Campus, Savannah is the Public Relations Coordinator for Phi Sigma Rho Sorority at NC State and helps other women in STEM have a community to rely on. She helps organize service events for the sorority, such as volunteering at animal shelters, homeless shelters, and working with other female-based organizations. She is also a part of Zoology club and the Environmental Conservation Association. While in high school, she took part in Creative Writing club and creative writing classes from NCSSM. She is a sophomore at NC State University majoring in Zoology with minors in Nutrition and Wildlife Science. After graduation, she hopes to take part in international wildlife conservation to have both of her passions fulfilled: saving animals and travel. Savannah was born and raised in Lincolnton, NC with her younger brother, her cat Lucky, and her dog Foxy. She enjoys reading, listening to music, volunteering, writing, and traveling in her free time. While in Lincolnton, she helped dogs and cats get adopted through Helping Animals to Survive (HATS) which made the shelter no kill and made it possible for animals to get adopted for only $20 at the local Petsmart.