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What would I do again and what I would make time to do if i get to go again?

Spring Break 2024 has come to a close but I have loved seeing all the fun places people have gone to, whether it’s been Italy and France, puerto rico or a friends trip to the beach/Florida. I was fortunate enough that my Spring break 2024 consisted of a surprise mother daughter trip. With it being a surprise trip I had no clue how to pack so I brought a bit of everything, when I go to the gate and it said Honolulu I was in otter shock! This was my first time ever going to Hawwai and I could not be more thankful for having this amazing opportunity that this was. We went to Honolulu and stayed at a hotel on Waikiki beach. The views were absolutely stunning and the people were all so nice!

With it being a surprise trip we did not have a set itinerary so on day one we made a rough sketch of what the days would look like. If you are ever in Honolulu I made a list of the Highlights that I would absolutely do again and a few things that I would make sure to do if I ever am lucky enough to go back.

What I would do again!
  1. Whale Watching:

This was an absolutely amazing experience. We boarded a catamaran and for two hours set sail watching the marine life. We saw many whales as well as being able to see sea turtles! This is also such a fun way to meet new people. We met a lovely family from Canada that we chatted with. On top of that you typically can get a few drinks for free for those that are old enough and there is unlimited juice for those not yet 21.

  1. Diamond head State Monument: 

Diamond head is an inactive volcano that helped in the formation of o’ ahu. You can hike up to the top and see some of the prettiest views. It is five dollars per person and you MUST have a reservation but it was amazing! This hike is on the easier side but there is a fair amount of stairs towards the end. There was a lot of smaller children and older folk who were able to do the hike as a reference. If you are an early bird this is a great way to see the sunrise

  1. Making a Leigh:

This was a great experience My hotel offered, however if yours does not I am sure this is something you could easily find. I got taught how to make a leigh and then was able to wear it, I enjoyed this as it was a way to lean a little more into the culture and immerse oneself in it. 

What i would make time for if i went to Honolulu again!

As for things I would make time for if I ever get the chance to go back. 

First I would go to another island because while I loved my experience Honolulu was a very commercialized area and I hope to further immerse myself in the lifestyle and culture of Hawaii. 

  1. Snorkeling:

Hawaii is full of beauty and nature and I would love the chance to explore the sea. The family we met whale watching went snorkeling and found it to be very cool and loved it. 

  1. A Luau out:

These seem like a great way to spend a night that allows you to surround yourself in the culture as well as a chance to meet people from all over.

  1. A sunset Dinner cruise:

This would be a great photo opportunity the sky looked absolutely stunning each night and being able to experience that on a dinner cruise would just take this to the next level.

Overall I had the most amazing time in Honolulu and was able to see some of the prettiest sights. I hope you had an amazing Spring break and an easy return for this last long stretch of the year.  

Samantha Moutsatsos is a returning member to Her Campus at NCSU. This is her second year being a part of the organization. She typically writes on topics focused around pop culture, fashion and the latest trends. Outside of Her Campus, Samantha is working towards a double degree in Chemical Engineering and Paper Science Engineering, with a minor in Polymer and Color Chemistry. This past summer she studied abroad in Lyon, France at ITECH, a small school known for its Leather program. She got to tour a LVMH Leather Tannery, go to a shoe museum and other trips around France while getting hands-on learning in labs and learning to make dyes, paints and cosmetics. Samantha was born in Mineola, New York but spent the 14 years leading up to college in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan with her younger brother and dog Zeus. She loves traveling, writing, making art, hanging out with friends, watching tv shows, shopping and reading in her free time. She is currently watching Madam Secretary on Netflix. After graduating Samantha hopes to start her own makeup company and get the opportunity to travel around the world for work. She hopes to live in Europe for a part of her life. After graduation I hope to continue to write and one day publish a book.