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Politics and Classic Rock- Two American Icons Come Together for a Podcast

Former President Barack Obama and musician Bruce Springsteen have a new podcast on Spotify called Renegades: Born in the USA. 


In this time of what seems to be a nonstop flow of health, environmental, and political setbacks and conflict, two significant American figures come together to discuss patriotism, friendship, and their unique perspectives on current affairs. 


If you enjoy listening to new podcasts or have an affinity for Obama’s distinct voice and phrasing, I would recommend taking a listen to Renegades: Born in the USA. Him and Bruce Springsteen talk about growing up in America through their own personal backgrounds and stories. The first episode delves into each of their childhoods and how they each felt like outsiders but for varying reasons. You get an idea of how each of these figures faced challenges and controversy in their journey to fame and identity. While hearing about their childhoods, you get a personal view of what it was like to grow up and experience America in the mid to late 20th century. They tell stories that you can draw connections and parallels to our current situations. Almost a call to action is perceived through pieces of this podcast and I would highly recommend listening to it if you are interested in American history, civil rights, current events, and politics. 

Hey!! I am Olivia Slatton. I am a sophomore at NC State majoring in Communication with a Public Relations concentration
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