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Podcasts You Won’t Be Able To Stop Thinking About

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at NCSU chapter.

My current niche of the month (subject to change) is podcasts. I have always loved them, but recently I have become criminally obsessed with them. It’s gotten to the point where I can’t even make a short trip down the road without turning one on to entertain my brain for the five minute drive. I am a person who loves mystery. I love twist endings, and climaxes that have you on the edge of your seat, biting your nails, absolutely clueless of what’s coming next. After listening to what I can only imagine is hundreds of podcasts, a few definitely stood out from the bunch. These podcasts left me absolutely shaken, and I could not stop talking about them for months. That being said, here are the 5 podcasts that still currently live rent free in my head.

1. Sweet Bobby – Tortoise Media

Let me preface by saying I binged this entire podcast in 1 day. Sweet Bobby follows a woman named Kirat who met a man named Bobby on Facebook. Without giving anything away I will say that this podcast gives an entirely new definition to the term “catfish”. It will have you questioning everything. I remember distinctly listening to a certain part in episode 3. Confession, where my jaw physically dropped and it took me hours to process it completely. Sweet Bobby was definitely one of my favorite podcasts that I’ve listened to thus far, not just for the shock factor, but the live investigation and narration done by Alexi Mostrous was incredible.

2. Twin flames – WOndery

This 7 episode podcast was executed so well that I was so sad when I finished it. I genuinely wanted more. Twin Flames is about a couple, Jeff and Shaleia, who were famous on Youtube for coaching young singles to find their so-called “Twin Flame” through means of manifestation and intention setting. While seemingly innocent, the podcast uncovers that this hunt for love can easily turn to obsession. Causing many people to act erratically out of not finding their person. Such a great listen, it interviews many people who experienced the coaching and their own personal stories of deceit and how the couple set off the destruction of their personal lives.

3. Escaping NXIVM – CBC Podcasts

NXIVM (pronounced “nexium”) is a community of people who all share ‘humanitarian’ values and goals. In other words, it’s a cult. This podcast goes into investigative detail about the inside information of NXIUM’s leader, Keith Raniere and a woman’s own account of her experience escaping. Such an interesting and crazy podcast that leaves you feeling a little bit eerie when you listen. Especially when you hear about how recent the events are that take place.

4. Dr. Death – WOndery

Let’s just say, after listening to this podcast I suddenly regained my fear of getting a shot at the doctor’s office. Dr. Death is an extremely popular podcast that actually inspired a TV show on Peacock which released in 2021 under the same name. The podcast follows the neurosurgeon, Christopher Duntsch who was so-called the ‘best surgeon for back pain in Dallas”. That was until some of his patients started to have horrible complications to the surgeries. This podcast actually made me sick to my stomach. It really makes you question why the system horribly failed to protect them.

5. Please don’t tell anyone – molly clark

This podcast is an extremely interesting listen. Each episode is a complete stranger (most chose to be anonymous) telling a secret or revealing information that shows who they really are, with no fear of judgement. The episodes vary on level of depth, but some are very shocking. Some examples to name a few are recollections of childhood trauma, questioning sexuality or religion, infidelity, scamming, domestic abuse, or even murder. These stories are so complex that they stay in your mind for a long time. Because it shows real humans, in their true authentic forms, anonymously.

Katie is a Sophomore at North Carolina State University. She is pursuing an undergraduate degree in English, with a minor in Political Science and is hoping to pursue a career in the law field. When she isn't writing or reading, you can find her trying out new walking trails and listening to music. She loves all things true crime and cream cheese bagels.