Pinterest Culture Is Becoming Toxic

Real question: was Pinterest ever not toxic?


I’m not one to talk, I used to be obsessed with my boards, editing them, critiquing them, trying to make the best looking, aesthetically pleasing profile in hopes I could become “Pinterest famous” (the equivalent in my mind of VSCO fame). I felt like I was trying so hard to be something I wasn’t and lost sight of who I am and what I like. In a time filled with Emma Chamberlain-Esque aesthetics and her influence on teenage girls a few years ago, I wanted nothing more than to be like her, and it got to me. Since then, I haven’t been on Pinterest all too often, except for the occasional browse for ideas and inspiration because I finally realized the effect Pinterest had on my life and my personality.  


Let’s be honest, Pinterest is THE epic highlight reel. I opened my homepage for the first time in a long time today and instantly felt a wave of animosity… we look up to these “aesthetics” an UNREAL amount, however, for so many they are unachievable. Tik toks like the one I’ve linked below showcase how attracted we are to the idea of trying to change ourselves and our personalities to “become” someone else, to “live” their life (although you don’t know what their life is like). 


I believe that it’s okay to browse Pinterest once in a while for Halloween costume inspiration, or photoshoot ideas, but don’t let it get to you. Remember that there is only one of you, and it’s better to live your life completely and totally yourself than try to meet other people’s standards or live their lives even though you have no clue what their life is like. Social media is a highlight reel and it’s vital to recognize that and not get caught up in the appeal of it all. 


Creators like Victoria Paris are changing the game. She is showing her 804K followers nothing but honesty, and promoting being authentically yourself. She has made a few videos like the one I’ve linked below combating the “become this girl with me” trend, and is using her platform to spread the word that the aesthetic and life they depict themselves living is truthfully unattainable for so many and how important it is to acknowledge that.


Pinterest has been around for years and will continue to rule most young girls’ worlds. It’s undeniable. When you can see the effect it has on your life, and break away to begin finding yourself and your personality is when you can be truly happy with yourself and your life… take my advice!