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These multicolor Veja sneakers are one of my favorite pairs of shoes. Not only are they comfortable, but they go with so many different outfits and are available in different colors (not just pink lol). They’re trendy, stylish, and super cute!

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I have seriously gotten so many compliments on these and Superga is by far one of my favorite shoe brands(I have sooo many pairs). I just got these a few days ago and I have already been wearing them non stop because I love them so much. They go with everything pink and match the cutesy pastel style for the Spring season! Even better, they’re ON SALE on amazon right now for less than thirty dollars!!!


Now, I personally don’t own a pair of these yet, they’re kind of expensive lol, but they are super cute and trendy. Amazon always has good deals on these shoes, but you just have to search for them(look for them in kids’ sizes if you can.

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