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Party Etiquette 101

We’ve all met them, had a few choice words for them, and honestly questioned their decency as a human being. The poor mannered house guest, the down right rude jerk who randomly shows up to parties, the drunk girl who is completely in love with herself, the “Party Pooper.” Nobody wants to be the “Party Pooper,” because no one likes the “Party Pooper.” No one wants to date the “Party Pooper.” Or sleep with the “Party Pooper.” Or even sit next to the “Party Pooper,” (In case they are in any way associated with it).

But just as there is no ying with out yang, there are no parties without poopers. However I do not blame the party poopers for their nasty comments. Because you do not know you smell bad until someone in fact tells you so. This is similar to the party pooper breed they’re not a buzz kill; they are

just “misinformed.”
Regardless Wolfpack fans its time for some Party Etiquette 101!
1. When your going to a party at someone’s house you do not know, be sure to introduce yourself. If they are allowing their place to be trashed by a ton of rowdy college kids, the least you can do is let
them know who is in their house.
2. Remember: sticks and stones break bones but words hurt too! Don’t say mean things about or to other house guests. This isn’t high school and no one cares about your unresolved issues.
3. Don’t put your hands on other people. Be conscious of people’s personal space. Nothing is creepier than the dude that stands too close or even worse the jerk who thinks is okay to hit a girl.
4. Be respectful of house rules. Nothing is more annoying to a host than a guest who does not listen or disregards their requests. (This rule is so important it’s incorporated into college drinking games like Beer Pong, house rules!)
5. If you break something, tell them! Don’t leave it or even worse hide it. If they are your friend or a decent person at the very least, they will not be mad, but happy you owned up.
6. Don’t be that drunk girl. And if you are, bring friends that will have your back. No one likes the drunk girl who is falling all over the place, slurring her words. It’s not cute when you throw up everywhere or sexy when pass out with your head in a toilet bowl. Bottom line. Know your limits and be content with staying in that “fun range.”
7. Be Confident, but aware. Have pride in yourself because we all know you’re awesome, but in order for people to think you’re awesome you have to create that feeling for them first. They might not remember what you said when you met them, but they will remember how you made them feel.
8. Don’t eat or steal their food. They invited you over to drink the keg, not clear out their pantry.
9. Don’t take lines of coke off their bathroom counters. I feel like this one is self- explanatory, but like I said before some of us seemed to have been misinformed. People who do not use cocaine are usually
not very fond or comfortable with others snorting up in their house. (For those houses where this is okay, then by all means disregard this tip).
10. And last but not least, wear your smile. The only way we know your enjoying yourself is by showing those pearly whites. So smile, have fun, and enjoy the night.
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