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An Ode to N.C. State

“N.C. State”
by AP

Is a place I cherish,
Oh so great.
Students, it does nourish
so that we may flouish,
Rather than Perish.
We are the wolfpack,
where one another has each back.
United we are one
Divided we are scorned.
Kipling says it best,
That, we cannot detest.
This place is beautiful,
The learning is bountiful.
State is from where we hail,
May Red glow forever on our bell.
And as for UNC and their well,
Well they can go to hell.
When I see K, and his ugly Duke;
In all honesty, I just really wanna puke.
And as for you, Wake;
Hates is where you shall bake.
From Galifianakis to Mr. Lonnie Poole,
N.C. State is our school.
And for our wolfpack,
That is pretty darn cool.

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