Per Nilsson '12

The last Campus Cutie of 2011 was anonymously nominated - and with good reason too! Check out this Swedish sweetie before  it's too late!

Name: Per Nilsson
Year: 2012
Major: Economics
Hometown: Kristianstad, Sweden

What does Per do on campus?
Per is an international exchange student from Sweden, representing Lund University! As a diligent and hard-working student, he spends quality time in the library studying economics and business. In his free time, he enjoys running, swimming, and lifting weights. He lives in Alexander Global Village and takes part in the multicultural activities from students from all over the world!

What is Per interested in?
Music, Socially Awkward Penguin, American candy, and Terese Johansson.

What made us choose Per as the last Campus Cutie of 2011!?
Per's strong nordic features and sleek blond hair capture the eyes of any girl walking by his handsome presence. He's fluent in two languages, knows economics inside and out, and has a nice tan from his recent trip to Dominican Republic over Thanksgiving break.

Per moves back to Sweden this Christmas, so hurry up ladies, time is valuable! Get in touch with this Campus Cutie and maybe you'll receive an early Christmas present...his hometown is close to the North Pole--he has the inside scoop from Santa!