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I personally have missed New York Fashion Week among other events that the pandemic has disrupted. However, celebrities did not disappoint this past week. There were a lot of breakout trends and new styles that erupted the fashion industry, as a result. In this article, I am going to dissect these trends for this fall’s newest styles.

Right off the bat, I can confidently say that blazers are back in and in style! More celebrities than I can count sported a spunky blazer this week, and none were boring to say the least. While blazers have the potential to remind us of our mom’s wardrobe, celebrities this week made them HOT! Blazers can now be worn with a skirt, matching shorts, or even jeans. I definitely would recommend investing in a cute blazer set, because this trend is a “FALL DO.”

Now, this summer I too was seen out in a trendy corset top, but after this week I might need to throw mine out. The corset top, while still fun and flirty, is overdone. That is not to say you cannot dress it up by wearing a button-down shirt or dress underneath, but the top and jeans combination is definitely a “FALL DON’T.”

It might’ve been the New York heat in early September, but celebrities were still wearing playful, vibrant colors this week. Do not get me wrong, I adore the hot pink and orange that everyone has been collecting this summer, but September is a transition month to introduce cooler tones. The whole mix and match of vibrant, incohesive patterns is a “FALL DON’T.” I plan on dressing up some of my neutral-colored outfits with fun earrings or a bag, rather than wearing the entire Lilly Pulitzer summer collection this fall. 

I was utterly shocked to see Kim Kardashian West in her head-to-toe leather blazer and boots set by Balenciaga. Personally, I think it was an outfit that sent waves across the fashion community. Obviously, this outfit is not for daytime wear, but it was a beautiful piece of clothing. Full disclosure, I could have done without the mask. Moreover, leather pants and jackets are a must “FALL DO.” Kim Kardashian did it herself this week, which means the leather industry is about to be in high demand. 

I am a North Carolina State University student double majoring in Business Marketing and Economics.
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