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NC State Students Reveal Their Favorite Class Ever

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at NCSU chapter.

It’s the end of the Fall semester- so you know what that means! It’s time to pick out classes for the Spring semester. The bi-annual ritual is known as the worst part of the year by most students, so this semester, I decided to talk to some NC State students in different majors about what some of their favorite classes have been at State to hopefully make the process just a bit easier for you.

From a Senior majoring in Business- 

“My Intro to 3D Design class with Todd Elia-Warnken has been my favorite because the professor is very open to creative freedom and allows us to create our projects in the way we interpret them. He’s very lenient with deadlines and always works with us to make sure we’re not stressed out about due dates so that our projects can be the best work we can do. All the projects have been so fun and it’s the only class I actually enjoy going to as it helps me take a break from my other homework and get to use my creative side.”

From a Junior double majoring in Political Science and Arabic- 

“My favorite class has been Dr. Steven Greene’s PS302: Campaigns + Elections in the U.S. I love it because the class is a really open space for everybody to talk and engage in fascinating conversations about events that have happened in the past in the US political system and events that are happening now (we got to watch the 2022 midterm elections unfold while in an elections class!) The class is all about voicing your opinion, thinking critically about the truth, and questioning everything you think you know about polls, campaigns, and elections already.”

From a Freshman majoring in Engineering- 

“Chemistry 101 with Kristen Kramer. The professor is very understanding, professional, and has explained everything really well! The content can be difficult at times, but she preps us for the exams and is super helpful. It’s been my favorite class so far this year for sure.”

From a Junior majoring in Philosophy with a concentration in Law- 

“So far, I have really enjoyed my “Ethics and Problems in Law” class with Ben Bryan. The class was sort of a seminar class where we talked about the law from a philosophical view!”

From a Senior majoring in Communications with a concentration in Public Relations- 

“My favorite class I have taken at State has been COM 346- Case Studies in Public Relations with Jim Pierpoint. I cannot say enough good things about Jim! He made the class a walk in the park while teaching us some of the most vital elements of a career in public relations. The entire class revolves around creating a case study about a company… while that can sound daunting, Jim was there every step of the way and contributed to my future career by helping me nail an interview and land my current internship!”

From a Junior majoring in Fashion and Textile Management- 

“My favorite class has been FTM 219 with Emily Law. She was very easy going and made the class a lot easier to understand. It is “Fashion and Product Analysis” which was basically the first sewing class I took. I didn’t really have much sewing experience besides with my Grandma a bit over the summer before which made it a little intimidating, knowing I had to take the course. I was able to make a couple of garments by the end of the semester and gain a lot more knowledge that I know I’ll actually use for the classes ahead (and I have). In the class I learned skills about concepts and practices for the evaluation and production of fashion apparel, goods, etc.”

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