Mystery Girl: Penny Lane

Her Campus NCSU decided to take a spin on the Campus Cutie this week in light of the upcoming season of love. This week's Campus Cutie will remain anonymous; only her interview will be exposed to the world. Meaning that you, single men out there, will choose based on her personality alone if you are interested! Is the bachelorette you've been looking for behind door number one?...If so, leave a comment below with your name, email or facebook page and what appeals to you about this Campus Cutie! She will get back to you if you state a strong, wooing case!

Name: Penny Lane*

Major: Double Major in Religious Studies and History with a Concentration in Social Studies Education, Minor in Spanish

Hometown: Asheville, NC

Year: Sophomore

Hobbies and interests:
Playing flute and piccolo, politics, and watching some youtube channels.

Favorite Wolfpack tradition? Tailgating and Power Sound of the South Marching Band!

Favorite snack? Doritos

Dream job? A summer camp director way out in the woods somewhere in Western North Carolina, a
Chaplin in a Hospital, or working as a professor at the Universtiy of Chicago Divinity School. Honestly I don't really know right now, but something with people and not behind a desk, something that isn't strictly 8am to 5pm.

Best pickup line? If beauty were sunlight you'd shine from a million light years away.

What kind of animal would you be and why? Giraffe, cause they're super tall.

What pop artist would you get married to and why? Lowkey because he writes and raps the truth from a perspective we don't always see in America, he raps about what's important for him, and all his songs have meaning.

Pet peeves? When people stand over me when I’m on my laptop, or when I'm reading.

Favorite Disney movie? Pocahontas

Favorite TV show? Bones, Army Wives, or ER

Guilty pleasure? Chocolate!

Best feature? My hair or my legs, otherwise my personality, I'm super nice and personal, easy to get along with. I'm also really bubbly and happy.

Favorite song at the moment? Lullaby by Nickelback, or Beautifully by Jay Brannan.

If there were a slideshow of your life, what kind of pictures would we expect to see? People smiling, the sunshine, and just having a good time.

Men need to know that… not all women are what they seem, so don't judge a book by it's cover, and get to know a person first before you make a judgment.

* Name has been changed.