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Giveon is a fast growing artist in the R&B world who’s gained a tremendous amount of popularity just over the past year. I first came across him during the year of 2020 and instantly grew a love for his music and songwriting. Although I believe none of his songs have been a miss, here are my top 3 in no particular order…

“Stuck On You” was released as part of Giveon’s EP called When It’s All Said And Done in 2020 and happens to be the song that initially drew me to him as an artist. This song expresses that even though the said relationship has ended, he can’t get over that attachment he felt to his partner. He can’t help but question if it’s his fault; if he’s the “problem”. When I first heard this song in 2020, I immediately felt a connection to the lyrics due to a past relationship where no matter how right I knew the separation was, it still always felt wrong. When there’s that much attachment, it can be hard to not stay stuck on them. Giveon prefaces trying to move on but is filled with this feeling that it’s just not possible.

“For Tonight” was one of his latest releases of 2021. In the song it mentions a temporarily reconciled love that he recognizes is “wrong” but it’s the least of his worries. Similarly to “Stuck On You” emphasizes the fact that no matter what his mind is telling him, his heart shoves him in the opposite direction and I think that is something we have all experienced one way or another.

“THE BEACH” was part of the TAKE TIME album released in 2020. As most of Giveon’s songs are centered around the idea of love and heartbreak, this particular song allows him to give his listeners a more serious glimpse into his life growing up. He repeats “guns, drugs, violence” in an attempt to explain what he was surrounded by and how it may have had a toll on his future relationships. It’s his way of sharing his story and it’s one that reached me in a way of being able to understand a small glimpse into his life.

Hi!! My name is Annabella and I’m a sophomore majoring in business with a concentration in marketing with a possible minor in journalism. I love music, writing, hiking, reading, and traveling!
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