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My Top 3 Favorite Drinks as a Starbucks Barista

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at NCSU chapter.

1. Iced matcha latte with 1 pump vanilla and almond milk

If you know me, you know I love matcha. I’m the go-to person of my friend group and at work when looking for a matcha suggestion. This drink specifically has been my comfort drink for the past few years; I have yet to get tired of it. It’s an iced matcha latte with only one pump of vanilla and almond milk. I recommend it to anyone looking for a new matcha drink and I have always gotten the best reactions.

2. Iced blonde ristretto shaken espresso, sub vanilla, with vanilla sweet cream

This is one I have recently become attached to. One of my best friends actually inspired me to get into shaken espresso drinks, so as a barista, naturally I had to find the best way to make them. You order an iced shaken espresso, made with blonde ristretto espresso, sub out the classic syrup with vanilla syrup, and finally get it topped off with vanilla sweet cream, rather than 2% milk. Blonde ristretto makes the coffee taste a bit stronger but I personally love that because it evens out with the sweetness of the rest of the drink. This is the drink to get if you need a quick energy booster.

3. Pink drink, no inclusions, vanilla sweet cream cold foam with matcha in the foam

This drink is one I made for fun and ended up loving it. It’s a pink drink with no strawberry inclusions, topped off with the vanilla sweet cream cold foam made with matcha powder in the foam. Getting the matcha in the foam is the key. Getting the inclusions is also based on your own personal preference. This refresher drink is almost like a strawberry matcha and I love it. It’s refreshing for any day of the year and something to ease you into hopefully loving matcha as well.

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