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This fall will be an ultimate runway due to last year’s fall fashion hidden behind masks and cooped up in quarantine. Designers finally had in-person shows for fashion week and it definitely was a hit. Major fashion magazines such as Vogue, Marie Claire, Harper Bazaar, and more have all accumulated lists of what they predict to see this fall. However, here is a list of the top 6 trends I think will be seen beyond just the runway. 

  1. Big Knit Energy

The first trend that I think will be very prominent in this upcoming fall fashion is kint. As seen in the past common fall fashion trends, knit has been a staple piece for years. It seems elevated knit pieces will be on the rise. This includes items such as matching knit sets, cable-knit chunky sweaters, and oversized cardigans. Funky patterns and crochet look styles will bring a modernized flare to the basic look while still appearing high-end. While it brings style and inspiration, it also brings comfort which I believe is one of the main reasons we will see this trend stand out.

2. Sleepwear to Streetwear

The next trend I think will stand out in 2021 fall fashion is the combination of satin and lace. As we saw in the spring and summer, slip dresses and nightgowns were worn as major statement pieces beyond the bedroom. I think this trend will stick around if not emerge even more in the fall season. I see fashion followers pairing these pieces with oversized trench coats, chunky boots, and grungy statement pieces such as chain necklaces or belts. From sleepwear to streetwear these styles will for sure be seen as the season begins to change.

3. Eighties in Aspen

Tribal prints and funky folk patterns were seen all over designers runways just this last week. Designers such as Vivienne Westwood and Balenciaga were seen adding hints of eighties winter styles into their designs. As seen back in the eighties in elegants ski towns such as Aspen, these looks will be back on the rise. From eccentric patterns to bright prints, nostalgia is for sure high with these pieces

4. Print on Print

One of my favorite trends that I think will stand out is the idea of mixing prints. Whether that’s florals and plaid or pinstripes and polka dots, designers have already started to show this off. As it would sound overwhelming these designers have intricately picked the right colors in prints that the pieces together look like masterpieces when placed together.

5. Color by Numbers 

Color Blocking is here. As fall is often used as a time to bring out the darker colors in our closets, several designers such as Brandon Maxwell and Botegga Vanetta have seen to use opposite bright hues often picking colors across from each other on the color wheel, and pair them together. As it sounds like it would look obnoxious, these designers have for sure used their eye for fashion and truly made it look put together and overall very elegant and uniform. I think brighter colors will for sure be seen this fall especially having seen such bright colors during NYFW.

6. The Puffer

As the weather starts to get cooler, the coats will start getting bigger. The puff coat was seen all over the runway this past week. Bright colored, oversized coats will be seen not just on the ski slopes. Big fashion designers including Balenciaga and Dolce Gabbana have been seen turning these down pieces into high fashion. They are not only just pieces to keep you warm, they are also becoming a fashion statement

I go to NC State and major in fashion marketing and management. I am super interested in media and fashion!
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