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My Favorite Minecraft Mobs

Minecraft is a really fun game with so many creatures, monsters, and animals within the game. Each mob has different ways you can interact with in a variety of ways. Everyone has their favorites as well as their not-so-favorites, here is my list and because I am indecisive they are not ranked in any particular order.

The first mob I am going to talk about is the Dolphin. This is one of the more recent mobs as it joined the game in 2019 during the 1.14 update. The dolphin is a friendly mob unless provoked and can even lead you to treasure if you feed them fish. They also provide you with a status effect called “Dolphins Grace” which provides you with more speed underwater as you swim beside a dolphin. They are also so wholesome as they will play with items that float in the water and bounce them around. Fun fact about the dolphin: they can survive outside of water for 2 minutes and during that time they will actively seek a body of water to go back to.

The next mob I like is the Horse. I like the horse because it allows for faster transportation and they are just so adorable!! They have so many different colors and patterns that you can always get one that you like. There is also the donkey which I am going to include in this category. The donkey is cool because you can attach a chest to them and they can carry stuff around for you. You can also breed a donkey and a horse to create a mule and the mule is STERILE! As an animal science major, real life accuracy makes my heart happy. Horses can also wear armor which is awesome because they don’t die as easily when you ride them around monsters at night and my “trusty steed” can be protected. Overall minecraft horses are one of my top favorite mobs in minecraft and I have liked them since they joined the game in the 1.6 update. 

This next mob is probably my number 1 favorite mob in minecraft. The Bee! I think they are so cute and have such a good addition to the game. Bees were added in the 1.15 update and are one of the most recent mobs added to the game. They don’t provide a ton to basic levels of minecraft other than their aesthetic but their honey can be eaten to provide saturation to your hunger bar as well as make a honey block which can be used in a variety of redstone mechanics. You can also obtain honey combs from their hives which allow you to make more hives and you can create a really cool honeycomb block which is a creative decoration piece. I personally like to have a “bee house,” as I like to call it, in all of my personal survival worlds. Bees pollinate flowers and go back to their hive to produce honey or honeycombs, depending on what you choose to collect. When a bee is provoked, or a hive that is not currently being soothed by a campfire, is interacted with, all bees in the area will become angry and attempt to sting you and when they do they will die within the following minute.  

The next mob is the Fox!! These little guys are so cute! Foxes can be found in the following biomes: taiga, giant tree taiga, and snowy taiga. This mob is very quick and can be hard to catch, but if you try at night you might have better luck seeing one. They will pick up items off the ground and hold them in their mouths and carry them around! They also curl up and sleep in the most adorable way! While foxes are unable to be tamed like other tamable mobs, if you are quick enough to use berries to breed two wild foxes, the resulting baby won’t be afraid of you like the others and won’t run away. Foxes will attack chickens though so if you do decide to add one of these little guys to be a part of your minecraft crew, be sure to keep them separate from your chicken coop. A fun little fact about foxes is that while the majority of them are orange, white, and black, there is a rarer version that is all white, known as the arctic fox. 

The last mob for this list will be one of the OGs. This mob has been in the game since Alpha v1.0.8.

The COW! I like this mob for a few reasons. 1) They are cute. 2) When I kill them they give me beef and leather. (great for the beginning of the game) 3) you can also collect milk. Milk is so special in minecraft and is a total game changer when you use it right. The basic use for it is for using in crafting recipes to make Cake or to just drink for fun (weird in minecraft and weird in real life…) The special use for milk is that it takes away any effect you may have acting on you, whether it from a potion, a magical effect, or because you ate something you weren’t supposed to. This can be super helpful when playing in the End against shulkers, fighting off raids, taking on the guardians defending an ocean temple, and lots of other situations. Without cows, I would be dead so many times over and over. So thank you cows, for being adorable and one of the most useful mobs in the game.

Well that completes my list of my favorite minecraft mobs! I hope you enjoyed! 

Hey! I’m Sarah. I am currently a Senior in Animal Science. Fun fact about me, I am in the Marching Band here at NC State and I play the piccolo. I joined HerCampus to explore another side of myself and hopefully better my writing skills.