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For the past couple of years, jewelry has been a constant obsession of mine. Thrifting has heightened that passion because I now can find great jewelry for extremely low prices. While in college, I am unable to go to my favorite places back home and am in a jewelry drought. I have now turned to online shopping to fill the void. Though they are not as cheap these pieces are still beautiful, amazing, and worth the price!!




These first earrings are honestly my favorite. I love to mix metals and have been trying to find some mixed metal jewelry. These are the perfect earrings for that. They give off an effortlessly cool kind of grunge vibe that I enjoy.



This whole collection is simply beautiful to me it has a certain elegance that I enjoy. However, the Falling Flower Petal Earrings stand out to me, and the way I need them is animalistic. Hoop earrings can be very diverse, and these are a perfect example.



Before this year I was not into the Mitch Match earring trend that I have seen going around, but these have truly changed my mind. They go together without matching perfectly which is something hard to pull off, and they come in both silver and gold. These earrings are beautiful and will be in my ears soon enough.




For me, this year is all about chunky statement jewelry, and this bracelet is perfect. I’ve also wanted more gold bracelets/bangles, so I saw this and knew I had to have it. The design is truly very simple, but still easily stands out. 



These bracelets are honestly my pride and joy, they encompass my style so perfectly and are a need for my closet. I have seen them all over my social media feeds for almost two years. Since their popularity has exploded, so has the price. So, if you want to get them for cheaper, you can go to eBay and get like 50 charms for under $20.



Customized jewerly has been in this year, we’re seeing the rise of the charm bracelet, necklace and even watch. These bracelets are a different take on the charm bracelet and little bit more my style (though I still love traditional charm bracelets).

Kimani Potts is a new member of Her Campus at NC State. This is her first year attending the school, and she is excited to produce well-written articles about some of her favorite topics. Before coming to NC State, Kimani attended Merancas Middle College High School in Huntersville, North Carolina. She was in many clubs, including Yearbook, Black Student Union, and Speech and Debate. She was the co-president of a club called Campus Curls, a safe place for people with curly hair types to connect, learn, and help each other with their hair. During high school , she held two different jobs, one was a receptionist at a nail salon, the other as a waiter in a restaurant. Both helped her develop people skills and patience. She is now a freshman majoring in History and plans to minor in Art Studies. After graduation, she hopes to get her masters in Art History. Then, become an Art Curator in a museum specializing in Stone Age Art. Kimani grew up in Charlotte, NC, alongside her brothers Kamoren and Malcolm. She spent her childhood surrounded by her cousins and extended family. She enjoys going to the movie theater, bowling, thrift shopping, reading, making jewelry, and crocheting. Some of her favorite artists are Lana Del Ray, Phoebe Bridgers, Frank Ocean, Noah Kahn, and SZA. She enjoys TV Shows over movies. Some that she cannot stop watching are Derry Girls, Community, Being Human, American Vandal, and The Bear.