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Jungle Cruise, Disney’s newest live action movie based on the popular “Jungle Cruise” attraction in Disney Parks, is the embodiment of mindless fun. Starring Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt and directed by Jaume Collet-Serra, the movie has many appealing action scenes, unique characters, a great narrative throughout as well as an unexpected romance. Jungle Cruise follows Dr. Lily Houghton (Emily Blunt), her brother McGregor (Jack Whitehall) and Skipper Frank Wolff (Dwanye Johnson) as they travel down the Amazon. 

The movie is based on the Jungle Cruise attraction which first opened in Disneyland on July 17, 1955. The ride started out as a more educational ride and slowly developed more drama and jokes. Throughout the ride, Skippers, also known as the captain, will drop puns related to the animals, plants or different artifacts found inside the attraction. Similarly, in the beginning of the movie, we see Skipper Frank taking guests on a river tour dropping puns, including the “8th Wonder of the World!” Slowly, the movie moves away from ride inspiration and spirals into an adventure with Skipper Frank and Dr. Lily Hougton. 


The movie is set in 1916 and begins with McGregor and Lily trying to obtain an arrowhead artifact to help in their search for the “tears of the moon” that bloom on an ancient tree. The ancient tree comes from a myth that states that under a blood moon, the tree with petals called “tears of the moon” will bloom. These petals have the power to heal and could change the future of medicine. The myth also features four dangerous Spanish conquistadors from 1556 trapped so they can never leave sight of the Amazon River, who are also after the “tears of the moon.” We then meet Frank, a Skipper in Brazil whose day job is taking guests on a jungle cruise featuring corny puns. The trio departs from Brazil in Frank’s boat and begins their journey through the Amazon river. Throughout the movie, the trio, as well as the audience, gets to experience the wonders and dangers of the myth as well as the Amazon River to find the “tears of the moon!”

If you’re looking for a fun and mindless movie with jokes, action and fun then definitely go see Jungle Cruise!!

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