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Sure, she’s a little bit crazy and the hardest working worrier I know, but the passion for life and her family she encompasses radiates through everyone she surrounds herself with. 

I call her such a worrier because not a single day goes by that she doesn’t text me with the latest warning or recall she sees on the news worried about whether or not I’m being affected by it. A few weeks ago she called me, informing me about how Neutrogena sunscreen has been recalled and to throw away any bottles I have, I have never owned Neutrogena sunscreen myself, but she just wanted to make sure that I didn’t and I was safe and healthy. I am so inspired by her and aspire to be more like her not just because of the love she has for her family she’s built or her choices in life, but for how she looks out for those around her. How she could be going through hell and back and still be worrying about the sunscreen that I am using. 

I work in retail and one of the things that I see all the time is girls coming in with their grandma out for a girls shopping day. It always makes me think about all of the wonderful things I did with my nana when I was younger, going to the library, going shopping, and so much more. Being in college, away from home, it can be hard to see your family as often… this is one of the things that has really taken a toll on me in the last month. If you take anything from this article, I hope that it’s to appreciate and acknowledge your grandparents more, shoot them a text or call them! It takes 5 minutes and I promise it will make their day.  

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This photo is my nana, papa and I on my graduation day!

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