How to Attract an NC State Girl

So you want to know how to attract a State girl? Well you’ll need to know that NC State girls are quite different from other university girls. NC State girls are not known for being snooty, high-maintenance, and rude. We are not known for our lack of clothing and willingness to jump into bed, and we certainly aren’t known for being unsociable, nerdy prudes. NC State collegiettes are the most well-rounded, down-to-earth, intelligent, and effortlessly beautiful girls. Try one of these fool-proof ways to get a State girl’s attention and hopefully a first date too!

Do: Sit in the Brickyard with a husky or wolf puppy.
Don’t:Act like a dog; she’ll treat you like one.

First off, as a girl it’s nearly impossible to ignore any baby animal. Now if you make that baby animal a wolf (or look alike) puppy, then you are sure to gobble up the attention, heart and pride of all NC State Girls.
Do: Show up at her door with a pint of Howling Cow Ice Cream and a movie.
Don’t: Show up with your bros to raid her fridge.

It’s impossible to go wrong spending a night in watching a flick with your favorite girl. But when you match that with showing your State pride with some Howling Cow and your interest in her by knowing her favorite flavor, you’re sure to have a sweet night!
Do: Be the best dressed guy at a party, bar, event, etc. and approach her confidently only to reveal that your major is in fact engineering.
Don’t: Get so wrapped up in  talking about yourself that you forget to show interest in her by asking questions and complimenting her.

NC State girls love the fact that they walk among geniuses that will probably go on to amazing jobs in technology that will change the world. However, with more girls in programs like WISE (Women in Science and Engineering), it’s getting increasingly more likely that you’ll find a girl at State, rather than other schools, that will actually understand your nerdy lingo and challenge you, too. The most important things to remember are that State girls – intelligent as they may be - are still girls, so impressing them requires: caring about how you dress, being social, and last - embrace your wits; you’ll be the whole package!
Do: Tell her you were accepted to both UNC and NC State but chose to be a part of the PACK!
Don’t: Reveal that you’re still a die hard Tar Heel fan...and only because you received a Michael Jordan jersey on Christmas when you were 10-yrs-old.

What better way to show a State girl how strong of a head you’ve got on your shoulders than by revealing that you chose the Autobahn of Innovation over that school down the road with all the fancy argyle.
Do: Understand and embrace the fact that all State girls don’t fall into just one or two categories like some other schools.
Don’t: Think that all State girls wear big red bows and cowboy boots. We don’t.

Take a walk around campus and you’ll see a huge range of different styles and personalities that translate into huge lifestyle differences among the ladies of NC State. No matter what type of guy you are – for a list of NC State Guys, check out our article “College Guys 101: Your Personal Guide to the Men of NCSU”- you are sure to find the perfect girl for you on our diverse campus. At NC State you can find the following Wolfies: the pin-representing, pearl accessorized, Jack-Rogers wearing sorority girls; the worldly Toms wearing, earth loving, green-engaged activist; the independent, tight-bummed, workout fanatic; the Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday night high-heels, lip gloss, and hip-shaking embracer; as well as the women scientists rockin’ the white coats. Once you understand that NC State girls vary from one to the next, you’ll be better suited to find the perfect fit for you!
Do: Give up your seat on the Wolfline.

Don’t: Ask her if she would like your company in the rear – keep it classy.
Sounds pretty simple, right? It is! Yet guys continue to sit comfortably in their seat while State girls get on the bus. Show that chivalry is not dead on our campus and you’ll be sure to strike a chord with the heart-strings of any girl you make the move for. Plus, if you ride the bus daily or often enough, you may just turn the wheels of love with an avid rider!
Do: Be that die hard Wolfpack fan - at any sporting event.
Don’t: Go to sporting events and be out-cheered by your girl.
Any NC State girl has a huge dedication and pride towards Pack athletic and our school in general, it’s a Wolfpack thing…am I right? So seeing that guy at games dressed up in overalls, red & white pom-poms, face-paint, and starting cheers in the crowd provides us an instant attraction. As State fans we never want our Wolfpack pride to waver, or our athletes to feel unloved – so being the guy that nurtures our love for the school and the game is such a good position to be in to attract a fellow prideful Pack girl.