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Harry Styles ‘Love on Tour’ is Finally Here!

Let’s get one thing clear before I start, my two favorite things in the world are concerts and Harry Styles. Back in November of 2019 when I was only a junior in high school, I purchased (well technically it was my mom who purchased them as I was sitting in an AP Lang seminar when they went on sale) tickets to see Harry Styles in Raleigh, right here at PNC Arena. I was absolutely ecstatic as I filled in the August 1st, 2020 square on my calendar with his name. 

Let’s rewind a bit for some context. I discovered a new boy band in late 2010 when I was seven years old thanks to my designated screen time on my parents’ computer and my curiosity with YouTube. That band was called One Direction. I watched video clips and listened to their music as much as I could. I guess I became a bit obsessed with them. Who wouldn’t? They were young, cute, funny, and their music was just perfect for my almost eight-year-old self. Four years later, after learning all of the words to their songs and deciding who my favorite member was (Harry, duh), my mom took me to see them. September 27, 2014, was the best day of my eleven years on this earth, or so I thought. 

Their music got me through middle school and all of its ups and downs (sounds cheesy, trust me, I know). So, when they announced a hiatus in 2015, I was devastated. What now? What could I possibly have to look forward to? Thanks to Columbia Records, I had hope. Harry Styles signed a solo deal with them and dropped his first album in May of 2017. My years in high school were saved! His debut album was amazing. Life was good. My mom surprised me with tickets to his sold-out show at Madison Square Garden on June 21st, 2018. He was amazing and I was in complete awe of him. The entirety of his hour and a half set I still couldn’t wrap my head around the fact that I was there. Seeing Harry Styles. I stood there with my jaw dropped the entirety of the show. This was now the best day of my life. 

Naturally, a second album followed which some may say was even better than the first. I still hold my ground that his debut album was better but to each their own. With that second album, another tour was a given. Once the dates were released, my mom waited in the Ticketmaster queue for tickets. November 13th, 2019 was the day I got my tickets for the August 1st, 2020 ‘Love On Tour’ show in Raleigh at the PNC arena. 

Fast forward to March of 2020. That’s when the world completely shut down. COVID-19 took away so much from so many. The lives, the businesses, travel, school, sports, and concerts. It was a scary time for everyone. Due to the safety risk, Styles out messages to his fans via Twitter and Instagram telling us to be safe and that he couldn’t wait to see us. He responsibly rescheduled his tour for 2021. 

The new date that I put on my calendar was October 12th, 2021. I was excited, although a bit nervous. This new variant spreads like wildfire. Would people do the right thing? Get vaccinated, wear their masks (properly)? I am now a freshman at NCSU and that is super stressful in itself. Add in a highly contagious virus that takes the stress level way up. Fingers crossed that he will be able to perform in a safe environment and bring some magic and music to these crazy times that we are living in. 

As Harry always says, ‘Treat People With Kindness!’ 

Ava is a freshman at NC State University as a part of the Exploratory Studies program. She is very passionate about Taylor Swift and Harry Styles.
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