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I was born and raised a Charlotte, NC girl and have discovered all of the best places to eat around the area. Now, since being in Raleigh for the past two years, I have been on a mission to discover all of the best restaurants in Raleigh. I’ve curated a list of all of the places I have been, and all of the places I want to go and why! Follow along on my “good eats in Raleigh” journey!

Where I have been:

  1. Benny Capitale’s Pizza: My trip to Benny’s in Downtown Raleigh, was like no other. We walked in expecting to get a delicious, quality pizza, and ended up getting that and more! It was also the biggest pizza I had ever seen. Benny’s is known for the size of their pizza and their quality. So, if you’re looking for a late night spot to hang out and eat pizza with your friends, I would highly recommend checking out Bennys!

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2. Mulino’s Italian Kitchen: If you are looking for an elevated experience and wanting to celebrate a birthday or go out to a nice dinner with your family or loved one, this is the spot for you. The food is incredible and all sourced from Italy, making the dining experience even more authentic. When I went, I sat outside with my aunt beside the pool and enjoyed a delicious dinner with a beautiful outdoor experience. It’s definitely on the pricier side, but if you’re looking to celebrate something or go on a special date night, consider going here!

MulinoItalianKitchen PatioNight

3. Mojoes Burger Joint: Rounding off a few of my favorite places that I’ve been, I had to highlight Mojoes. Its one of my favorite casual spots to go to on Glenwood avenue, with indoor and outdoor dining and amazing food. While my normal go tos are usually fried foods like their “award-winning” wings, fried pickles, and their onion rings, (their fries are incredible, too) they do have healthier options, and it can be an awesome place to meet up and relax with friends and the wait staff is so fun!

Mojoes FrontCorner 1

Where I have been wanting to try:

1. Taverna Agora: I have heard nothing but good things about Taverna Agora and am so excited to go soon! The Greek restaurant has a beautiful rooftop dining option that is a must-try year round, as they enclose it and utilize heaters throughout the winter. I am dying to try their brunch as it is their most talked about menu. If you are looking for amazing authentic Greek food and a specialized dining experience, this one’s for you!

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2. Caffé Luna: A lesser known spot in the Downtown area, Caffé Luna looks to be the ultimate date night spot. The restaurant offers authentic Italian food and many reviews focus on the ambiance and ‘vibe’ of the restaurant. I think this may be a less expensive alternative to the Mulino Italian Kitchen, so I am excited to try it and see if the food is as exceptional!


3. The Raleigh Times: While I haven’t heard too much about this restaurant, I have had it on my radar for some time now. The restaurant is named after what used to be the central newspaper for Raleigh. They are located Downtown in a restored 100-year old building and have expanded to incldue and second level and rooftop seating! I really want to experience this place not only for the food but the history that is found within the location. The rooftop seating looks pretty awesome too, though.

raleigh times 2 raleigh times

That’s all I have for my current eating adventures! I will report back sometime in the future with a new list, in the meantime, try one of these wonderful restaurants. Raleigh has so much wonderful food to offer, so break out of the fast-food or chain restaurants and try something new!

Hi there! I am a junior majoring in Public Relations with a minor in Buisness Admin, from Charlotte, NC! I'm so excited about this opportunity to turn my hobby of writing into something more <3