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“The Father,” directed by Florian Zeller and based on his play of the same name, follows a man with dementia and his daughter as they navigate his heartbreaking disease. This is a very performance-driven movie, but production design also plays a key role in its storytelling. “The Father” is nominated for Best Picture, Anthony Hopkins for Best Actor, Olivia Colman for Best Supporting Actress, Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Production Design, and Best Film Editing. 


I was so unexpectedly blown away by “The Father.” I tense up when I see that a film is based on a play; I expect a single setting, usually a dinner table, and for something somewhat slow but building. “The Father” bucked any expectations I had. The best parts of this film are exactly what it’s nominated for incredible performances, screenplay, production design, and editing. Hopkins gives a heartbreaking performance and is able to flex every acting muscle he has, whether it’s charm, anger, or sadness. For what I assumed would be a typical “Oscar bait” film, I was blown away. It’s a beautiful display of what dementia is and feels like for a dementia patient and is a sure favorite of mine in this category. - Allie Remhof


This movie deserves the nomination for best picture; it delivered in every way. Anthony Hopkins delivered the most memorable performance, no movie has ever moved me more than this one did. I usually don’t watch movies that are based on plays because I tend to assume that it is more theatrical and just verbatim what the play said. The emotional depths of this movie are so deep and profound. I think that this movie brought light to what it looks and feels like to be a dementia patient and someone close to one. One thing that I usually don’t give enough credit to when watching movies is the production design, the background, aesthetic, lighting. In “The Father,” all of this was key in helping tell the story, and the production design team did a phenomenal job in helping tell the story. Oscar season is my favorite because I get the opportunity to watch those movies that critics determine to be the best of the best, and this is it. - Deeya Deepak

Hi! My name is Allie and I am a second year student studying communication media with minors in film and journalism.
Hi! My name is Deepak Deepak and I am a sophomore at NC State! I am majoring in Political Science with a concentration in International Politics with minors in Statistics and Psychology! I am passionate about writing, food, travel, and sports! I also love taking naps, listening to music, rewatching the same shows over and over again. I hope to be able to share interests through writing! Go Pack!!
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