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Exploring “Coachtopia’s” Trendy Eco-Friendly Fashion

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at NCSU chapter.

Coachtopia is a collaborative, innovative spin-off of the well-known high-end brand Coach. Coach developed Coachtopia to work towards creating a circular economy in the fashion industry and has achieved this by creating new products and processes within the high-end brand, Coach. 

Coachtopia’s “Made circular”

Coachtopia developed the “Made Circular” concept, which has three main components: Materials, design, and pathways.

Coachtopia is focused on utilizing alternative materials made from recycled waste or upcycled from repurposed fabrics and scraps to reduce the consumption of new materials for products such as handbags. The brand is actively working on buying and investing in sustainable materials that are healthier for our environment and ethically sourced, aiming to minimize harm. The production and crafting of new materials contributes to “38%” of the fashion industry’s greenhouse gas emission release, which is why Coachtopia is set on reusing and recycling leathers and other materials to stop contributing to this number.

Coach is advancing new design techniques through “Coachtopia” by creating products that are made to last but simultaneously are easy to disassemble, repair, and reuse over its lifespan. Their design implements a “circular” concept, producing handbags and parts that are removable and can be reconstructed with low impact on the design of the product.

Finally, Coachtopia is dedicated to developing circular pathways that enable its products to be easily upcycled. One aspect of their initiative is their “Trade it in” program, which allows customers to return any Coachtopia bags and products “regardless of age or condition”. After trading in a product, you gain store credit. This program allows the brand to reuse the materials of the bag to give it a second life. Additionally, each Coachtopia product has a special tag that details the makeup of its materials and its lifecycle in order to educate consumers on the “circular journey” of the product and encourage sustainable practices.

Besides the fact that Coachtopia is making huge strides in the sustainable fashion industry by promoting the reuse and recycling of leather-made products and fashion accessories, the products themselves are unique, trendy, and something we haven’t seen before! 

Loop Quilted Puffy Tote 

The Coachtopia Loop Quilted Puffy Tote, coming in both a full-size as well as a mini-tote size, combines sustainability, functionality, and style. Both styles come in a variety of colors, including black, iris (purple in the image), pale lime, and bright magenta. The full-size tote bag can be used to fit all your necessary needs, including a laptop and books. Furthermore, the entirety of the bag, from the lining and outside material, is made with 98-100% recycled PET plastic. 

The smaller size also is made of 100% recycled material. The tote is embroidered with a patch and has a removable strap. The patch details a mushroom and flowers, saying “I died and respawned in Coachtopia” and “I have been crafted to last and was designed to be remade”. This adorable patch not only adds a sense of flare to the back design but also emphasizes the sustainable and innovative process used by the Coachtopia brand! 

The Ergo Bag

The Ergo Bag from Coachtopia is the perfect handbag. Resigned from a class 90’s silhouette, this bag is made up of at least 40% upcycled material. The Ergo bag reduces 65% of carbon by using leather scraps and recycled acrylic resin. The bag comes in a huge variety of colors and patterns, including cherry print, with bows, checkered patchwork, leather in a variety of colors, and croc-embossed leather

The bow bags specifically combine sustainable practices, trendiness, and a classic style that will last for years to come. Coachtopia developed a few different styles and color combinations for this bag design, making it universal for any individual and their style.

Other products in the Coachtopia line include wallets, bag charms, cropped tees, and denim jackets. These products were also sourced sustainably and were developed using their new innovative practices.

The Coachtopia brand is bringing a new sense of style and setting a precedent for ways in which high-end fashion brands can use sustainable practices and develop creative eco-friendly processes. By combining luxury and sustainability, Coachtopia is reshaping the fashion industry and inspiring its customers to make more eco-conscious fashion choices. Their brand proves that trendy, elegant products can be created ethically and sustainably.




Emma Huber is a freshman at NC State University. This is her first year being a part of HerCampus! Emma was born and raised in Charlotte, NC with her family and dog, Finn. She enjoys shopping, drawing/painting, going to concerts, and traveling. She also loves to sit down to watch reality TV, especially Love Island! Although not majoring in anything related, Emma loves to write and is interested in pop culture, fashion, and personal health topics. As a college student, Emma intends to major in Textile Engineering with a concentration in Product Engineering. After graduation, she hopes to work for a clothing company designing sustainable and eco-friendly textiles and products!