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Everything You Need To Know About Midwest Princess Chappell Roan Before The Guts World Tour

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If you’re reading this, chances are you have plans to see Olivia Rodrigo on her Guts headlining tour this spring. Whether you’re spending part of your spring break catching her show in Charlotte, NC on March 8 or seeing it elsewhere, you are definitely in for a great show.

Rodrigo has four supporting acts on her 77 show run across North America and Europe: The Breeders, Chappell Roan, PinkPantheress and Remi Wolf. All of these supporting acts will be an amazing way to start the show, but if you happen to catch the show over spring break, Chappell Roan will be starting your night.

Chappell Roan, known by friends and family in Missouri as Kayleigh Rose Amstutz, is an on the rise pop superstar who released her debut album The Rise and Fall of a Midwest Princess in September 2023. If I had to pick just a few words to describe this album I would call it camp, sparkly and extravagant; it is a celebration of finding your true identity and self-love. The album was met with critical acclaim, being included in many “Best Albums of 2023” lists from TIME, Rolling Stone, Pitchfork and several others. 

Roan works with Dan Nigro, the producer behind Olivia Rodrigo’s albums Sour and Guts, and has even done the backing vocals on a few of Rodrigo’s songs such as “lacy” and “Can’t Catch Me Now.” Rodrigo has expressed her excitement of having Roan come on tour with her, “I just want to watch her every night. I get a free concert every night. I’m so stoked,” which I totally feel minus seeing the show for free every night (I wish). 

In conversation with Teen Vogue, Roan says the story of Ethel Cain’s Preacher’s Daughter inspired the narrative arc in her album, describing it as “the storyline of a girl who moved from a small conservative town to a city and had an awakening of this world she never knew existed.” Preacher’s Daughter is another one of my favorites, so finding out it inspired the idea of a narrative arc in this album blew my mind as these albums could not be anymore different.

“Well what songs do I need to know?”

I am so glad you asked! The Rise and Fall of a Midwest Princess has been my go-to album for the past few months. I cannot recommend this album enough if you have the time to listen before the Guts tour. Listening all the way through will give you the best feel for her music, but here is a little crash course in the meantime.

I am selfishly really hoping Roan plays “Pink Pony Club,” “Femininomenon” (it’s a mouthful, I know), “Casual,” “HOT TO GO!” and “Red Wine Supernova,” but I understand she may be limited on time.

“Pink Pony Club”
“Red Wine Supernova”

No matter what her setlist looks like, it is sure to be glamorous and campy. Some of these songs have loads of fan interaction in them, so seeing them on stage before Olivia Rodrigo will be a great way to get excited. In addition to the Guts tour, Chappell Roan will also be performing in Raleigh this summer on The Midwest Princess Tour.

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