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Elevate Your 2023 Halloween Costume With High-Fashion Inspiration

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at NCSU chapter.

Are you ready for college fashion week? By that I mean are you ready for Halloween? In college, the spooky season often involves costumed events, and now is the time to say goodbye to last-minute outfits and elevate your Halloween style. 

And where better to look for fashion inspiration than the runway? Here is a collection of my favorite runway looks to inspire your Halloween costumes this October. 

Look 1: Skeleton

Betsey Johnson, AW12

This striking metallic ensemble by Betsey Johnson exudes a polished sophistication with a rocker-style attitude, making it perfect for a night out. Consider making your skeleton costume sparkle with silver accessories, and bonus points for a heart-shaped necklace.

Look 2: Witch

Martine Sitbon, SS93


What’s more classic than a witch? In this Martine Sitbon runway look, Kate Moss gives us witch-meets-90s-cool girl with muted gray tones, a sultry smokey eye, and a classic pointed hat to finish the look. This Halloween, instead of pairing your witch’s hat with a plain black robe, opt for a more flattering dress with muted tones.

Look 3: Barbie

Moschino, SS15

With the 2023 Barbie Renaissance, many girls (myself included) will want to channel their inner Barbie this October. Luckily, Moschino curated an entire collection of ready-to-wear Barbie looks back in 2015 that will teleport you straight into Barbie Land. This Malibu-chic look in particular features bejeweled pink shades, massive pumps, and the iconic Barbie hot pink color. Add these elements to a classic skirt outfit to dance the night away as Barbie this Halloween.

Look 4: Matrix

Chanel, AW93

In this sleek archival Chanel outfit, Yasmeen Ghauri commanded the catwalk in head-to-toe black leather and rounded black shades that look straight out of the 1999 film The Matrix. Using classic pieces you may already have in your closet (leather pants, biker jackets, turtlenecks, and sunglasses), you can easily recreate this timeless costume.

Look 5: Rococo

Moschino, AW20


If you haven’t watched Sophia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette, you’re seriously missing out. The rococo-style dresses from the film and from this Moschino runway collection are extravagant, whimsical, and just the right amount of over-the-top that I’d like to be this Halloween. Go rococo by adding lace, frills, bows, layered jewelry, and a sky-high wig to your outfit.

Look 6: Mermaid

Blumarine, SS23


As a child who watched way too much H2O: Just Add Water, and as an adult who loved seeing Disney’s live-action The Little Mermaid, I will soak up anything mermaid-related. So, when I saw this ethereal-yet-understated Blumarine runway look, I fell in love. If you’re anything like me and want to feel a little more like a mermaid this year, try pairing a scalloped bra top with a matching blue set.

Look 7: Alien

Jeremy Scott, SS14

This otherworldly Jeremy Scott look, featuring a playfully ironic “Earth Sucks” shirt, combines elements of retro-futurism from the ’60s with a modern silhouette. And, after finding out (allegedly) that extraterrestrial life exists, what better time to emulate this look and become an alien yourself?

Look 8: Cowgirl

Versace, SS18

In case you were thinking of being a cowgirl for Halloween this year, first take a look at this spring/summer Versace outfit from 2018. With flattering lines, gold accents, a matching hat, and a pair of strappy heels, this chic twist on a cowgirl look could take your costume from the tailgate to the town.

Look 9: Dark Bride

Versace SS23


Does this dress seem familiar? It was actually worn at a premiere by none other than Miss Wednesday Adams herself, Jenna Ortega! As seen here on model Vittoria Ceretti, this sultry black lace dress has a sense of mystery and drama, perfect for an evening of spooky festivities. To effortlessly recreate this dark bride look, all you need is a long black dress, veil, and lace gloves.

Look 10: Royalty

Complice SS93


Finally, this royal runway outfit, worn by model Carla Bruni, is a perfect mix of a casual, modern style with the jeans and rimless sunglasses with an exaggerated, old-fashioned style with the frilly top, layered pearl necklaces, and comically large crown. Become a modern royal this Halloween by combining everyday-wear with fabulous frivolity.

Remember to embrace your sense of fashion and let your creativity run free this October as you find new ways to spice up your college Halloween costumes.

Jordan Campos is a chapter member and writer for Her Campus at NC State. This is her first year on Her Campus and hopes to publish informative, fun, and fabulous articles. Jordan is a senior majoring in Communication: Public Relations and French Language & Literature with a minor in Journalism. Originally a Conservation Biology major, she quickly discovered her passion for communication and writing and has not looked back since. During the 2021-22 year, she was a public relations intern at Houston Ballet where she created engaging blog and social media posts and assisted with their media relations efforts. Last summer she worked as a Marketing intern at the Durham Performing Arts Center and helped with social media content creation and operations during press nights for musicals and performing acts such as Six, John Oliver, and Johnny Mathis. Now, Jordan is an intern with NC State’s Department of Communication and acts as a social media manager for the department’s Instagram page to increase the visibility of the department as a whole. Jordan is from Durham, NC, and has two Beagles and a younger sister who also goes to NC State. In her free time you can find her taking ballet classes, looking for inspiration on Pinterest, spending time with her friends and family, and rewatching her favorite movies. Some of those movies include Chicago, Clueless, Ocean’s 8, Scream, and Sabrina. She loves all things fashion, beauty, performing arts, and film, and someday hopes to work within one of those industries as a public relations or marketing specialist.