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Dominic Fike: Euphoria’s Newest Breakout Star

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If you have been keeping up with the HBO hit series Euphoria, then you know that season 2 has come with the introduction of a few new characters.  One character that has been catching everyone’s attention is Elliot, Rue’s new best friend.  Rue and Elliot met at a New Years Eve party where Rue accidentally walks in on Elliot doing drugs.  Because of Rue’s history with drug addiction, she’s intrigued by Elliot and joins in.  Their night becomes very eventful and creates a bond between them leading to their overnight friendship.  

After the first episode of the new season aired, people were intrigued with not only Elliot, but the actor who portrays him, Dominic Fike. Fike is new to the acting world and his first gig happens to be his role as Elliot.  Before he began his acting journey, Dominic Fike started making a name for himself in the music industry.  He has a few hit songs that quickly gained popularity, such as, “Babydoll” and “3 Nights”. These songs grew in popularity very quickly due to Fike’s own promotion and credibility, but gained even more attention through TikTok trends and other creators using his songs.  Fike has also collaborated with big name artists such as, Kevin Abstract, Halsey, and even Justin Bieber.  

Through his screen time on Euphoria, Dominic Fike has gained many followers and recruited a lot of new listeners.  As time goes on, it is certain that his role in Euphoria will not only gain him acting credibility, but also further his music career and allow him to gain popularity.  

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