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Cheap, Easy, and Cute Halloween Costumes for this Year

With Halloween just around the corner, most college students are starting to plan ahead for a cheap, quick, and cute Halloween costume. Personally for me, whenever I start the process of narrowing down my costumes, price is a huge factor. I try to DIY a lot of the costumes to save money. With that being said, these are some of the costumes I have tried and/or have thought of to save you time and money while preparing for the holiday weekend.

  1. Skeleton
    1. Now while one would need to buy this costume, there are bodysuits with the skeletal system on Amazon, Fashion Nova, and other websites. All you need is the bodysuit, black shorts, and that’s it. You can spice up the outfit with skull makeup or leave it as is. This is a one item purchase, completed costume.
  2. Vampire
    1. By far the cheapest costume there is and the most adaptable to your own style. You can literally wear any black clothing you own, buy the fake teeth, and add some blood or red makeup around your eyes and mouth… and boom you’re done. I recommend a little black dress and some makeup to really pull this look together.
  3. Mummy
    1. While being inexpensive, this costume would take some time to completely put together. By pinning some bandages to a skirt and tube top and adding some brown makeup to “dirty” the costume, you can be a mummy fairly easily. 
  4. Barbie
    1. There are a lot of directions one can take this costume in. There is a workout Barbie, astronaut Barbie, and even a marine biologist Barbie. I recommend the classic Barbie or workout Barbie. For the “classic” Barbie, all you need is a pink skirt, some transfer paper, and a white top. Using the transfer paper, you can add the Barbie logo to your top for cheap and style your outfit as needed! Now, the workout Barbie is all over Pinterest, but easy to do nonetheless. All you need is leggings, a bodysuit to wear over them, sneakers, and some leg warmers if you feel like it. 
  5. Paris Hilton
    1. You may need to dig in the back of your closet for this one, but all you need is a Juicy Couture (or knock off) tracksuit and you’re golden.
  6. Greek Goddess
    1. For this costume, all you need is a white dress and a gold leaf crown from Amazon. You can always specifically choose a Goddess to recreate and add to the costume to personalize it to her story. However, the basic white dress and gold headpiece is iconic and pretty on its own. 
  7. Polar Bear
    1. This is such a cute costume, but you may need to buy more items than the other costumes I have listed. Anything white and fuzzy can build this costume, then a set of white ears from Amazon to seal the deal. You can add a colored nose and maybe whiskers with eyeliner to your makeup as well.
  8. Cat Woman
    1. Superheroes and villains are fairly easy to do. All you really need is a shirt with their logo or costume design, and a skirt. However for Catwoman, you can buy a leather jumpsuit and black ears to effortlessly complete this look. While a jumpsuit sells for various prices, it is only one of two items needed to purchase the entire costume. If you already have a set of leather pants, just add a black bodysuit underneath to save more money. 
  9. Spring Breakers (but make it Fall)
    1. This costume is great for a group. You can buy a pack of ski masks, any color, then wear black sweatpants. I’ve seen girls match this with a colored bikini top, but save the money and just do any top you already have.
  10. Fanta Girls
    1. Streamlined by Kourtney Kardashian, you can be any type of beverage: soda, alcohol, water, etc. The Kardashians and their friend group dressed up as Fanta girls. All you need is a logo on a shirt and a skirt. You can use transfer paper to keep it cheap, and go as a group for this look.

There are so many more Halloween costumes one can do that are cheap and quick, but hopefully, this gives you some inspiration to see how you do not need to spend an obscene amount of money on a costume in order to look good or be creative.

I am a North Carolina State University student double majoring in Business Marketing and Economics.
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