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Best Fall Photo-Op Spots in Raleigh!

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Looking for that perfect spot for Instagram-worthy Fall pics? Here are some of my favorites!

  1. The State Farmer’s Market

Our lovely Farmer’s Market, that is actually not far from NCSU campus at all, has a huge variety of aesthetic shops, fun eats, and amazing picture spots! One of my personal favorites is the outdoor section where you can browse through all of the items for sale, but especially the section with all of the beautiful flowers. You can make a bouquet with what you can find, take cute pics, or even just use it as an excuse to make your boyfriend buy you flowers. Outside of all that good stuff, the restaurant that lies right across the street from this section serves some of the most incredible Southern home-cooked meals that I have ever eaten, so definitely check that out too, if you get the chance!

  • 2. The State Fair

Not only is the State Fair tons of fun with all of the rides, fried food, and views, but it also makes for super cute pics with your friends. I personally think in front of the Ferris Wheel is super cute, but there are plenty of other great spots too. If you’re an animal lover like me, I recommend checking out the livestock area with all the cute little piggies and chickens(I used to have chickens as a little girl lol) and maybe getting a few candid pics with the adorable animals:) Another cool thing is the exhibit, I’m not totally sure what it’s called, but it has all of the biggest crops in their category, like the largest pumpkin grown in North Carolina! Last, but definitely not least, is getting pics with all of the absurd, but usually pretty tasty, fried food that you can buy at the fair. Whether that’s a turkey leg or the pineapple drinks, it makes for a super cute Insta post!

  • 3. Gameday Pics!!!

This one seems pretty self-explanatory, but of course, we can’t forget about all of the fun that comes along with getting all dressed up(if you prefer) for NCSU football at Carter-Finley. Now the game is technically the main focus, but we all know that the real fun occurs at the tailgates! Whether you’re hanging out with family or pregaming with your friends at the frat lots, some fun and carefree pics at the tailgate make sure to let everyone now that you’re having a great time. I personally love getting some candid shots on the way to the game around the lots, but if you know someone who lives over at The Station, that makes for an even better spot. If you are lucky enough to get tickets to the game(I have only gotten one), I think the best pics are taken with your friends in the stands, having the game in the background!

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