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“Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour” premiered in theaters Thursday, October 13th, making over $95 million at the box office. This concert movie made history as one of the biggest opening weekends of the year. While I don’t know that much about Taylor Swift, it was impossible to not hear about the success of her Eras Tour. When tickets for the movie went on sale, my sister-in-law knew she had to take the opportunity to show me how Taylor lives up to her hype.

As an avid K-pop fan, I am all too familiar with the outfit changes, transitions between outfits, dancing, and fan chants. It makes me excited to see Western artists using these pieces of production as well. I think these added elements take a concert to the next level and enhance the overall production experience. It also sets an artist apart by further showcasing their personal creativity and talent.

Taylor Swift definitely showcased her artistry through the Eras Tour. I feel like I walked away from this experience knowing exactly who she wants to be as a musician and what she wants her legacy to be. Beyond just showcasing her overall identity as an artist, she uses set design and outfits to highlight the special parts of each era. Her outfits, as well as the backup dancers’ outfits, were perfectly representative of the album she was singing songs from. This concert took every era she’s had and pulled it together to present how she has grown as an artist and a person.

Overall I really enjoyed my experience at the movie. I have to say my favorite era set was 1989, my favorite outfit was Reputation, and my favorite song was Vigilante Shit. Since leaving the concert I have been excited to dive deeper into the Taylor Swift side of TikTok. If there’s one thing about Taylor, she will always exceed expectations.

Amanda Bell is a student writer for the Her Campus chapter at North Carolina State University. This is her second year being a student writer. She is an avid music and pop culture fan and loves writing about events and experiences related to that. Her love of K-Pop is very obvious in her articles, but she enjoys writing about all kinds of music. Amanda is a junior at NC State majoring in Communication Media with a minor in Music Studies. Her dream job would be working in public relations for a record company. She has always been drawn to the music industry which led to her choosing her major and minor duo. Amanda hopes to get the opportunity to study abroad next year to broaden her understanding of the music industry across the world. She was raised in Youngsville, North Carolina, which is about an hour outside of Raleigh. When she is not writing for Her Campus, she enjoys hanging out with friends, listening to music, and traveling. Amanda’s favorite activity is to attend concerts, and it is even better if she gets to travel to a new place for them. Among her favorite concert destinations are New York City, Los Angeles, and Atlanta. She hopes to continue traveling and attending concerts through her last two years of college and after graduation.