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Life is better with a soundtrack, so I have scoured my many playlists to bring you my favorite songs that just scream fall. Whether it’s a sunny day with crunchy leaves, a spooky night in October, or a self-care night after another failed talking stage (the feels always hit harder in the colder months), I’ve got you covered. 

DISCLAIMER: these songs are not “underground” by any means, and I am not claiming to be “putting you on” to any songs. These are just songs that remind me of fall, and maybe they will to you too!

Light My Love– Greta Van Fleet

A year ago, this song was on my Discover Weekly on Spotify (a playlist I diligently listen to every Monday for new songs).  I couldn’t stop listening to it. It was four minutes and thirty seconds of pure serotonin. Listening to it feels like wearing your favorite sweater for the first time because it’s finally cold enough, and walking to class underneath the rust and gold colors of the changing leaves.

All Too Well (10 minute version) – Taylor Swift

I’m pretty sure every Swifty remembers where they were when they listened to All Too Well (10 Minute Version) for the first time. I was in some random girl’s blacked out Jeep, catching a ride home from a house party. I was still reeling from my first breakup ever, and the anger at Jake Gyllenhaal in the song echoed my own.

Aaaaaanyways, there’s a certain nostalgia around this song. From the tiktoks I’ve seen about it recently, we were all going through it in November 2021, and this song carried us through.

Coffee for Dinner – Orion Sun

Maybe it’s just me, but seasonal affective disorder (SAD, for short) hits hard as soon as the sun starts setting at 6 pm. This song makes even those days when I don’t get my life together until four p.m. ~aesthetic~.

We Fell in Love in October – Girl in Red 

I mean, October is literally in the title! Maybe it’s Girl in Red’s gorgeous cover art for this single, but listening to this feels like standing under falling leaves after your crush just told you they like you.

Who Dat Boy? – Tyler the Creator ft. A$AP Rocky

Move over Hot Girl Summer, it’s time for Feral Girl Fall, and this is our anthem. I can just imagine getting ready for some Halloween Hullabaloo with this song blasting in the background, It’s confident. It’s conceited. It’s crass. It’s perfect for your Halloweekend playlist. 

Dahlia Bagley is a senior at NC State University and this is her fourth year writing for Her Campus. A lover of music, film, fashion, and pop culture commentary, Dahlia loves to share playlists, movie recommendations, trend predictions and anything else that piques her interest. Dahlia is studying Communication with a concentration in Public Relations and has a minor in both Spanish and English, meaning she is constantly talking, often in Spanglish. In her freetime, Dahlia enjoys shopping, reading, skincare, and spending time with friends. An avid creative writer, Dahlia has written countless poems and short stories, which she hopes to one day have the nerve to publish. Always on a quest for knowledge (read: random facts that will never come up organically in conversation), she also enjoys watching video essays and reading about various historical events. Though born in Boston, Massachusetts, Dahlia considers herself from Charlotte, North Carolina, where she has spent most of her life. When not in Raleigh for college, she is spending time at home with her parents, two sisters, and her wonderful dog, Vader.