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The leaves are finally changing and I’m no longer sweating on my way to my classes, so that means fall is in full swing! As I do every season, I’ve made a playlist with songs I’m currently loving as well as those that fit the “vibe” of fall. Here are some of them: 

Like a Brother– Hey, Nothing 

Don’t love me like a brother

I’m only getting more sober

Love me ’til the movie’s over

Until the summer days are colder

I don’t know if this is “controversial,” but I find a good amount of new music on tiktok. A lot of artists promote their songs, which is how I found the band Hey, Nothing. They were actually doing this microtrend where they made up weird names to make each other laugh. Anyways, this song is one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard. I would describe this song as Alternative Folk, and I think it encapsulates the woodsy, cozy, (dare I say melancholy?) feeling of fall. 

Kollage– Carly Rae Jepsen

Give it all some time

I’m still in the dark

Paralyzed emotions

Lost in wintertime

Yes, this song is by the same person who sang Call Me Maybe. I honestly hate to reduce Carly Rae Jepsen to just that one song because she has really made a place for herself among the pop girlies. Kollage is an existential ballad told in psychedelic pop, the hook is almost reminiscent of falling leaves. 

Cowboy Forever– Carter Faith

He won’t change, not ever

He leaves like the weather

Same cowboy forever

As a music lover, I really hate when people hate on country music. I think with the resurgence of outlaw country, with singers like Kacey Musgraves, Zach Bryan and Tyler Childers, I think country is becoming more accessible to the people who think they hate country. While this song doesn’t specifically remind me of fall, I’m usually in some sort of “situationship” with a guy around this time, and this song is more than relevant.  

Wildflower Wildfire– Lana del Rey

Baby, I’ll be like a wildflower

I live on sheer willpower

I’ll do my best never to turn into something

That burns, burns, burns

I absolutely adore Lana del Rey, and while it’s hard to pick a favorite album, I think that Blue Banisters (the album that Wildflower Wildfire is on) is a very fall-coded album. I really love this song for fall because I think it encapsulates not only the stress and seasonal depression that people often experience as the days get shorter and colder, but also the strength we have to carry on. 

Some Honorable Mentions

Gooey– Glass Animals

Drew Barrymore– SZA

Decode– Sabrina Carpenter

Damn Good in a Dive Bar– Laci Kaye Booth

Get Him Back!– Olivia Rodrigo

Passionfruit– Drake

Money– Lola Young

I hope you found some songs to add to your fall playlists. If we have similar tastes and want to compare music, my Spotify username is dahlia.bagley

Dahlia Bagley is a senior at NC State University and this is her fourth year writing for Her Campus. A lover of music, film, fashion, and pop culture commentary, Dahlia loves to share playlists, movie recommendations, trend predictions and anything else that piques her interest. Dahlia is studying Communication with a concentration in Public Relations and has a minor in both Spanish and English, meaning she is constantly talking, often in Spanglish. In her freetime, Dahlia enjoys shopping, reading, skincare, and spending time with friends. An avid creative writer, Dahlia has written countless poems and short stories, which she hopes to one day have the nerve to publish. Always on a quest for knowledge (read: random facts that will never come up organically in conversation), she also enjoys watching video essays and reading about various historical events. Though born in Boston, Massachusetts, Dahlia considers herself from Charlotte, North Carolina, where she has spent most of her life. When not in Raleigh for college, she is spending time at home with her parents, two sisters, and her wonderful dog, Vader.