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With fall beginning on September 22nd, I have found myself eager to jump into (what I believe to be) the best season of the year. Even though the leaves are just barely beginning to drop and the weather is only just beginning to change, I am diving head first into a thing that always brings me to whatever ideal world I want to be in – books. So grab your pumpkin spice latte and a comfy blanket, because here are four books that make me completely forget about summer!

for a feel-good read, try

The City Baker’s Guide to Country Living by Louise Miller

Enter small-town living as the story follows the circumstances of the main character Olivia Rawlings. Previously an esteemed pastry chef, an unfortunate accident sends her to the small town of Guthrie, Vermont, where she takes up a job at the local Sugar Maple Inn. Despite the radical changes in her life, Olivia begins to find herself feeling at home, and even falling in love, until a fateful newcomer arrives in town and turns her world around.

A Goodreads’ Choice nominee, The City Baker’s Guide to Country Living is a 352-page novel that really brings you, the reader, into Olivia’s life. Miller’s in-depth analysis of the town truly allows the setting to rise off the pages and makes you feel cozy and warm in the autumn orchards of Guthrie.

For readers who enjoy a cozy, feel-good, and heartwarming read, you can find this book as an audiobook, e-book, paperback, and hardcover on Amazon.

For a spooky classic, try

Dracula by Bram Stoker

Dracula is a Halloween staple, but how many have actually read the source material that brings Dracula to life? Enter the late 19th century and follow the story of Jonathan Harker as he enters Count Dracula’s magnificently spooky castle and finds himself experiencing supernatural events. Harker is there to help Dracula relocate himself, but they face an unsurprising obstacle- a group of people led by Abraham Van Helsing. They are aware of his true nature and are determined to hunt him and all other vampires to extinction.

As the pioneer of vampire-related literature, Dracula is a frightening classic dating back to 1897 that has had many adaptations since due to it being so well received.

For readers who love a bit of history combined with gothic horror, you can find Dracula in practically any shape or form at nearly any bookstore. Be aware of which version you’re buying, as many modern editions may include introductions, annotations, or other amendments from the original story. This leaves you with a lot of choices to pick the best one for you.

For a bewitching romance, try

The Ex Hex by Erin Sterling

Vivienne Jones might be a witch, but she handles a breakup just like the rest of us. Some crying, alcohol, and a bit of cursing our ex for breaking our hearts… except Vivienne’s curse is real! Thinking the curse is just a small hex that will leave the ex mildly inconvenienced for a day or two, Vivienne doesn’t think much of it and carries on about her life. However, when the heartbreaker himself returns to town and begins facing calamity after calamity, Vivienne has to come to terms with the fact her hex might not have been so minor after all, and she is forced to work with him to overcome the curse.

An Amazon Editor’s Pick for Best Romance and a New York Times Bestseller, this 320-page read will serve as a steamy and witty take on the life of a witch. Described as a novel that resembles the picturesque setting of a Hallmark movie, The Ex Hex will take you straight into that dreamy autumn atmosphere.

For readers who are looking for more of a romance-focused read, pick up The Ex Hex from any bookstore. You can find it in a variety of forms, including e-books and audiobooks, which is a perfect choice for readers on the go. And if you find yourself loving The Ex Hex, then keep your eyes peeled for its follow-up, released this year!

For a sports fan, try

Friday Night Lights by H. G. Bissinger

Odessa, Texas, is not a town where dreams come true often. Divided by racial inequity and class disparity, it seems quite the opposite of the idyllic place where you’d expect anyone to thrive. However, despite all of this, the Permian Panthers football team transforms the town every Friday night from September to December into a place of unity and success. Follow the team’s journey through a season that takes them both up and down.

Friday Night Lights has been awarded as the best football book of all time by Sports Illustrated and is also a #1 New York Times Bestseller that will take you back into the town of Odessa, Texas in a 432-page non-fiction journey. The book has also been adapted into a film and a television program that can be found under the same name.

For readers who love the quintessential fall-football feeling you get from watching your favorite team succeed, I recommend picking up Friday Night Lights. The book comes in a variety of forms and editions since its release, and currently, it is the easiest to pick up the 25th Anniversary edition.

Of course, these four books are only a tiny glimpse into all of the books that truly encompass the feeling of fall. Murder mysteries, steamy fall-filled romances, and unnerving horrors are plentiful at any bookstore, so if you’ve read these or they don’t interest you, I highly recommend you take a trip to your local bookstore or favorite online bookstore to pick up a new novel to enjoy.

Hello! My name is Lauren and I am a senior at NCSU majoring in English and Communications.