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Three “Gossip Girl” Outfits You Should Be Taking Inspo From This Fall

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I don’t know about everyone else, but I am so excited for pumpkin spice lattes, cooler weather, and most importantly, fall fashion. With the weather cooling down, I’m sure all of us are looking for what we should be wearing this autumn.

Personally, my absolute favorite source of inspiration is from my favorite cozy comfort show: “Gossip Girl”. As fall is approaching, here are three Serena van der Woodson and Blair Waldorf outfits we all should be taking inspiration from this fall season.

Outfit #1: Blair Waldorf

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I am obsessed with the neutrals that fall brings. Waldorf is truly the queen of classy looks and high fashion. The Houndstooth jacket shown above gives an upscale, autumnal look, paired with sheer white tights and black casual heels. The jacket with the black-and-white top shown adds a sense of femininity and classiness that Waldorf always represents. Similar jackets can be found at Nordstrom, as well as a lighter blazer look from Old Navy (or any other casual clothing stores). Alternatively, if you wanted more of an everyday look, you could exchange the silky dress top for a pair of black jeans/pants and a white shirt, even a pair of black boots for a more casual version of Waldorf’s outfit!

Outfit #2: Serena van der Woodson

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For the second pick, we have another deeper neutral outfit from van der Woodson. I love the layering aspect of this look: the more grungy, leather jacket on top of a basic grey top and plaid skirt. Plaid skirts are one of my go-to’s for fall and winter fashion, as they can add an interesting pattern to a basic outfit. Similar plaid skirts can be found in a variety of stores, my personal favorites are linked here and here. If you are looking for a good leather jacket, they can be purchased from a variety of stores. I highly recommend checking out some local vintage/thrift stores, which often have more sustainable and high-quality leather jackets. Plus, it’s always a great thing to add to your wardrobe, especially for the fall and winter, to spice up an outfit!

Outfit #3: Blair Waldorf


Finally, which may be my favorite of the three looks, we have another Waldorf-inspired outfit. A similar jacket look to the van der Woodson one linked above, we have a leathery, grungy look to counter-act the femininity of the rest of the outfit. I have seen lots of people wearing loafers this fashion season, and I’m absolutely loving it. Waldorf has a similar vibe going on here, paired with sheer knee-high socks that add another element of flare to the outfit. The shorts in this look also add a more casual vibe, which is so easy to recreate and re-adjust, depending on the weather and vibe you are going for. I also love the addition of pearls, you can find a similar necklace here that adds another touch of classiness. Waldorf has the perfect balance of feminine and chic, yet still casual, which I am aspiring to obtain this fall season. Again, these looks are so simple to adjust to your liking! You could make this outfit more of an “everyday” look by adding a casual white shirt paired with the leather blazer.

All of the looks are easily interchangeable to make it more dressy, or more casual. Waldorf and van der Woodson, while being high-class and fashion-forward, still give off an effortless and feminine look. All I know is I definitely will be taking inspo from their outfits this fall. 


Emma Huber is a freshman at NC State University. This is her first year being a part of HerCampus! Emma was born and raised in Charlotte, NC with her family and dog, Finn. She enjoys shopping, drawing/painting, going to concerts, and traveling. She also loves to sit down to watch reality TV, especially Love Island! Although not majoring in anything related, Emma loves to write and is interested in pop culture, fashion, and personal health topics. As a college student, Emma intends to major in Textile Engineering with a concentration in Product Engineering. After graduation, she hopes to work for a clothing company designing sustainable and eco-friendly textiles and products!