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10 Things to Remember Come Fall!

1) Do not wear heels to class…because you will likely fall flat on your face walking across all the bricks on campus.
Wear sneakers or sandals that will actually help you to stay balanced and keep you from falling on your face.

2) Try to at least fix your hair so that it doesn’t look like you just got up in the morning.

But don’t look like you just came out a salon either, you’re going to class, not a beauty pagaent. Also, always remember to brush your teeth and be presentable.

3) Don’t try to act like you’re the wisest person in the world to try and impress people.
People will not like you if you try to tell them how to do everything. In other words, don’t be a Know-it-all.
4) Be yourself; not who everyone else expects you to be.
Living isn’t about trying to be something that you’re not. You should be who you really are and stay true to yourself.

5) Learn that you are sharing a room with somebody who is not related to you.
That’s right! You can’t just do whatever you want!  You have to respect your roommate and yourself.  You can’t blare music at 1 a.m. like you might have done at home.  You have to learn to live with a complete stranger and respect each other. Definitely talk about boundaries!

6) Join an activity or a club.
For me, I wrote for my high school newspaper and I corrected the mistakes of my staff as editor-in-chief. Now I write for Her Campus NCSU. It helps to have something else to do besides school work that you enjoy. 

7) Find some new friends.  Don’t just hang out with your old friends from high school.
If you find new friends who are different from you then you will be able to learn about new cultures, religions, and lifestyles. Expand your world view!
8) Find places to chill on campus.
If you like a quiet place, find an unpopulated place like the area above the Free Expression Tunnel – when trains aren’t barreling by, that is.  If you like watching nature, then go to Pullen Park or Lake Raleigh on Centennial Campus. 


9) Don’t stress about how much trouble you may be having in dealing with college life.
It happens to everybody when they go to college. Even upperclassmen still struggle with college life.  I actually know some freshman who deal with the stress of college life a little better than some upperclassmen just because these freshman have already prioritized everything they need to do.
10)  Don’t party or drink too much.
Some students come to college just to party – you do not want to be one of them. Your grades will suffer and you are going to have relationships that aren’t exactly healthy. Go out and have fun, but make sure to leave some studying time!
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