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5 Things We Took For Granted Before College

Now that the holidays are approaching, it’s that time of year again when we reflect on all the things we have been thankful for this year. Now that we’re in college, it’s very easy to forget all that we had before campus life. So, Her Campus has listed 5 major things that we have took for granted before heading off to college.


1. Free Textbooks

Your total is $450 and you only grabbed two textbooks to buy. Can we rewind back to high school when the books were free of charge?


2. Consistent Wifi


You had plans on finishing that research paper that you’ve been procrastinating on doing for the past 3 weeks. Now that you’ve finally decided to be productive for once, the wifi in your building isn’t working.


Well… Back to Netflixing and sleeping you go!


3. Homecooked Meals

Who knew you would miss your mom’s cooking so much?


Then again, anything is definitely better than cafe food.



4. Having A Room To Yourself


Having a roommate is cool, sometimes.. You’ll always have the company of another person and even a potential friend. But sometimes having space to yourself and doing things how you want is so much better.



5. Parents Smothering You

You used to always beg your parents for space, but now that you’re miles away, you kinda miss their annoying tendencies. But they only did it because they love you!


Always stay thankful and grateful for everything you have because you never know when it will be taken from you. #HCXO


I am a freshman with a Psychology major at North Carolina Central University. I was born and raised in Norfolk, Virginia. I enjoy taking photos, writing, and reading.
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