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4 Things to Spend Quarters on Since Laundry is Free

On Wednesday October 5th, 2016 the lives of NCCU Eagles changed forever when the news of free washing and drying spread throughout campus. The news could be seen reported on signs in residence halls, tweets, and Snapchat stories. Many of us were skeptical and could not believe that laundry on campus would now cost $0. Some students did not doubt the news at all and rushed to laundry rooms in their buildings to wash their clothes FOR FREE.

Since this blessing has dropped in our laps it has left many Eagles asking, “What am I going to do with all these quarters?” Well He rCampus NCCU has the answers with a guide to things that cost a dollar or less that we can now buy instead of using the quarters we would before have to spend on laundry.

1. Vending machines.


They are so convenient and now that we NCCU students have extra quarters we definitely can utilize them. Can’t focus in class because you haven’t eaten all day or you have the late night munchies? The quarters you don’t need for laundry now are able to get you some yummy snacks.  


2. Scratch lottery tickets.

 I mean if we’re lucky enough to get free laundry we are obviously lucky enough to hit the lotto, right? Also, most scratch lottery tickets will only cost you one buck aka 4 quarters ;).  


3. Rellos.

…No explanation needed except quarters are all you need to purchase these.  


4. Taco Bell’s Happier Hour is always the answer when it’s the afternoon and you’re hungry with only a few dollars in your pocket. Unless you’re Regina George and on an all carb diet.



And there you have it. No matter what you decide to spend your extra change on just remember it could have ended up in a dusty washing machine or dryer!

    Born and raised in the 910, Shannon is a sophomore at NCCU. She is a Political Science major with a concentration in Global Politics. 
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