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10 Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Relationship

Now that cuffing season is upon us here are ten helpful tips that will make your seasonal relationship last longer than just a season.

1. Communication is a key ingredient in a relationship. From experience I know that talking issues out is the best way to understand each other. You guys are not mind readers, so why give silent treatments while upset with each other? If you and your spouse ever find yourself in an argument try to listen to each others needs instead of turning it into a screaming match. Listening rather than talking over your significant allows you to hear each other out.

2. Spending Time with one another can strengthen the compatibility. As college students I know we are busy 24/7 with homework, events, and meetings. But saving time for the person you care about should be a priority. If your schedules are too hectic schedule in a “Date Night” where you all spend time doing fun activities together such as movies, dinner etc. No matter what you guys decide to do it’s good to do it together. 

3. Be friends with your significant other! It should be friend first and lover second. They should be your walking diary and the person you can turn to after a long day. Developing a friendship allows you to open up to each other and it ensures that the connection will be effortless. 

4. Sex. We all know this is VITAL for a relationship because this when and where the connection is made. Have you ever wondered why he/she became “crazy” after sex? This is because of the chemistry and intimacy shared during sex. Also this is a major stress reliever from life, work, and even the relationship itself. Sex is not something you can jump right into. I suggest getting to know the person’s spirit and where you guys stand as a whole before rushing into something that may never turn out to be anything. If you rush, feelings will be involved heavily, and no one wants to give up the cookie before you know if it’s worth it.

5. Spending time together is good, but spending time apart can strengthen the relationship. Because while you are away from each other you will cherish the time you had rather than taking it for granted. Plus no one wants to be under their boyfriend/girlfriend 24/7, it gets boring and repetitive.

6. Keep your problems in your relationship between you and your boyfriend/girlfriend ONLY. Letting people know your problems can create a negative image for he or she. A simple disagreement that could be resolved easily could be blown out of portion by letting outsiders in your business. Please keep your relationship issues private.

7. Support is crucial in any relationship for the simple fact if you can’t count on your boyfriend or girlfriend then who could you count on.

8. If you can’t trust your boyfriend/girlfriend then you might as well go ahead and throw in the towel.

 9. Keep the passion alive. Don’t get too comfortable in a relationship, because it may get boring. Continue to try new things with each other. Don’t stop doing the things that made him or her fall for you in the first place.

10. Don’t lose yourself. A relationship is a union of two people, but don’t be too consumed with one another you lose yourself. Instead remain true to you with your morals, goals, and dreams. Remember you come first no matter what, this is not marriage.

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